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13th june June 13, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Uncategorized.

still hanging at office although there is no work. just because your superiors don’t leave you have to stick around. well thats life. umm. sweet child of mine on somebody’s laptop. what happened to the raspy axl rose? or to slash for that matter? they come and go.

there is no hindi music in the office although this is india and hindi is the national tongue. welcome to democaracy.

anyways without digressing why don’t people listen to hindi songs? the answer is few good songs are made. most of them are of the techno sort with some lines thrown in so that actors can lip synch them while they are dancing aroud trees or each other. not like in the olden days. great lyrics and memorable tunes. as my father says ‘those days are over’.

and this too shall pass 



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