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Devout Fanatics June 19, 2007

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as a precautionary measure devotees to the famous siddhivinayak temple in bombay have been asked to stop bringing into the sanctum sanctorum coconuts. they could be rigged by terrorists. intelligence reports suggest its imminent possibility. in some days no flowers people and then no people also. stay at home and pay your respects.

saw jhoom baraabar jhoom. nothing much to write home about. am listening to a very interesting compilation of music. right from 50’s to 06. it has bowie and moby, kaiser chefs, death cab, suzanne vega, neko case, delgados…great fun.

want to watch shivaji but its not possible to get tickets. rajni is a juggernaut that doesn’t stop. am doing some mind numbing work at office today. its easy but its so so boring. forget about it, get the cheque and have fun. a friend of mine has just gone to new york. he wrote that central park has wi-fi. he is checking out museums and galleries and working on his script. ah life!

an office laptop is playing floyd’s ‘wish you were here’. does anybody here know the lyrics of the song? i had it on good old tape in college. and i bought the tape thrice. why thrice? because all 3 times the roller ate into the tape. that was one album that always played truant.

has it happenend to others? must have. catching a film from exactly, i mean EXACTLY the same frame time and again. strange.

rushdie’s threat has woken up once again, this time because of his knighthood. how can you call a blasphemer by the title ‘sir’? well sharpen your whatever for sir salman.

reccommended reading – short stories of h.g.wells and some of the stories TO BE READ and to be made into films

the country of the blind – terrence mallick

the door in the wall – terry gillian



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