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judge dread June 26, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in crime, film, judge, justice, narrative.

A judge in england has let go of a man who raped a ten year old because in his opinion the victim dressed provocatively and looked older than her age. It seems the judge was pleading the rapists’s case. And wearing or not wearing clothes is enough of an invitation to rape and later on a justification by judges to set free the abuser. Strange times we live in.

time and tide wait for none. yash raj films is getting it now and how. two of their films have not done well in the recent past tara rum pum and jhoom baraabar jhoom and critics…mainstream and otherwise who wash the very ground the chopra fraternity walks on have taken out their knives. the story was different when the films were released. critics who don’t know their job or don’t know how and what to write wrote dull platitudes, praising this and that and criticizing nothing in general. one would assume that a classic was being reviewed. the box office said otherwise.

a new vocabulary is emerging post-failure. mostly do with the importance of good writing, scripts, screenplay, dialogues etc. can’t take these at face value and such righteous anger is amply being displayed. what happened when the film came out. all those preview tickets and press dockets must have impressed one and all.

what is happening in the process is that films which are a predominant part of indian culture are being wrongly interpreted. a form of art is being misinterpreted and torn to shreds. the rules of reviewing are being rewritten by the same guys and girls who have no right to write in the first place.

film reviewers in india are a strange lot. they don’t know where they standor what they stand for. for cinema, good cinema or indian cinema. are they film lovers? or lovers of indian cinema? we all know that indian cinema is different from hollywod etc. that we make 900 films a year (not bollywood but the entire country) etc etc. that our films can still take on the might of hollywood studios etc. we walk on the red and green carpets in cannes and every other festival but…

where does our glam rich, all talk, all song film stand? don’t know.

rather we know but we don’t want to accept the rung we are on. it’s time we realise that what we make is sometimes trash. no, not all the time. one would be a fool to say that the narrative tradition indian film makers follow is trash. it’s not and film history in india has enough examples to prove itself.

but what good is the narrative when the language, the grammar, the punctuation is non-existent?



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