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Fortress Britain July 3, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in britain, enemy, hate, hippy, isolation.

i have just now posted this on another blog of mine at 360.yahoo.com but that shouldn’t matter. will it?

all people arrested so far after the failed car bombing attacks are foreigners or west asians. they are not born and brought up, naturalized british. now the mood of the people is that enough of the ‘open door’ policy of the british government. its time britain is fortified once again. it goes back to the days of ‘splendid isolation’ when sure of its supremacy it could afford to be cut off from the rest of the world. times have changed indeed.

first – is it possible to fortify an entire nation? to keep a watch on each and every individual? to not allow any foreigner to visit britain? will the global economy permit such radical security parameters? even if possible what are the insidious affects of such a fortification?

for that i have the answer – we will for once and for all brand the ‘other’ as an ‘enemy’. we won’t allow them inside our borders. we will not be friends with them because they are all fanatics and worse suicide bombers. they have to be stopped right at the gate. will this lessen the terror threat? possibly for some time.

but what has stopped man and his/her evil designs? we will innovate and find new ways of harming each other. after all god is waiting with flowers and fruits and clothes and beautiful girls in paradise for beating the shit out of each other. i look at you you take out my eyes. i speak to you you slice me up. i embrace you and in goes a dagger. i stay at home and you bomb my garden. oh what a wonderful world we live in.

ladies and gentlemen its the most exciting time to be alive. we are a generation that thinks not about the the hippies and free love and drugs. We have evolved. We have moved on. We are thinking everyday about being blown to bits. Of bleeding to death. Of not reaching home alive. Of losing one’s near and dear ones.

Not by accidents or by hand of God. We are scared of men and women. We are scared of our neighbours. We don’t know what is behind the veil. We don’t know what is being taught on the net. We don’t know who our friends or enemies are. All we know is that the world is unsafe. For me, for you, for everybody and nobody knows the reason…

Or Do We?

Do we know why we hate each other? Do we know why we mistrust each other? Do we know why killing is the easiest thing to do? Do we know why we get corrupt when invested with power?

Do We Care?

No We Don’t?



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