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The STATE Of The Nation July 19, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in 21st century, Australia, Doctor, Glasgow, hollywood, homegrown, india, jehad, SIM CARD, sin.

The Indian Doc Mohd. Haneef while leaving England, left a sim card with his cousins because of some residual talk time balance. The cousins tried to blow up the Glasgow airport. Now Haneef has been arrested although the courts in Australia have set him free. Homegrown critics are saying that it is the right-winger Prime Minister’s ploy in an electoral year. Haneef’s wife in Bangalore, India is pregnant.

What a MESS? Haneef was almost guilty before the courts realized that having a SIM card is probably essential in 21st century. Leaving your SIM card with a relative is no SIN at all. And they basically accepted after the days of detention that there is no proof – so the courts gave the judgement – set him free.

But paranoia got the better of everybody. Zenophobia in an election year is welcome said the campaign managers. So in goes Haneef and…

Back in India people were aghast. They said Indian Muslims are different and the spotless record speaks volumes for itself etc etc. They all forgot about the homegrown militants of different religions and ethnicities that have plagued the nation and still do.

Anyways what’s terror got to do with education. In fact it’s better if the terrorist is educated. Increasingly they will be at par with the mean men that we see in slick, high-end Hollywood flicks where they will write complex programs on their laptops ensconced in a tent anywhere on the planet and issue threats while sipping on Starbucks or kawah whatever takes his or her fancy. Technological democracy will empower them.

Coming back to Haneef – how will he integrate back into society and his fraternity?



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