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Spoiler Warning July 23, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in harry potter, indian science fiction, Indian writing, Spoiler, word of the year.

I predict that ‘Spoiler’ will be the word of the year, thanks largely to the Harry Potter phenomenon. Nobody wants to be told by someone else what happens to Harry in the end. And to experience for the 1st time the rush and excitement of reading the end people have done all things imaginable.

Predictably Potter mania has also struck Indian shores. Sales have, as expected, hit the ceiling. People across the metros have been queuing to buy the book and read the ending before spoilers spawn across the universe.

Will the ‘spoiler’ become the scare of the art fraternity of the future? All endings and plot details threatened with premature exposure and death. It could also be a good marketing tool. Teams of dedicated professionals who feed the scare to such an extend that it initially drives the sales, then over-exposure leading to doubts and then the eventual death of the ‘spoilerman’ or woman.

The book has been translated into Hindi also and is enjoying great sales. Young authors are writing science fiction and fantasy and more importantly they want to read the written word. Long live the Spoiler.



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