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Dear Old Friend July 27, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in basement, carbon, eureka, friend, how to write, inspiration, memories, typewriter.

!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>What to write? Silence. Pause. Look left, look right, scratch your neck, your beard, ears and nose. More silence or noise. Clickety clackety. Press delete. Undo. Rewrite. Delete. Read and re read. Silence. Umm. Now what? Get up. Take a walk. Take deep breaths. Do something else. Come back. Save as ‘same thing new’. Have a different perspective. Take a print out. Read it. Ruminate. Have a smoke. How to continue, move on? Switch the television. Might get ideas. Read a book. Same result. No inspiration. Now what? Something wrong today. The air probably. My seat or the cushion. The hands not getting enough support. The light from the screen not right, hurting today. Go to controls. Reduce the contrast, brightness. To no avail.

EUREKA. The basement. The sealed carton. Rush down the stairs. Tear it open. Where is it? Is it the right box? I think it is. There…i can already feel it. Just after this. YES.

Where is the rag? Rag, rag, rag. Why do you throw rags away? Use your handkerchief. What difference does it make? O.k. Clean it well. Be nice and gentle and kind. You have used it in the past. Your father used it. An entire era, century used it. And then forgot about it. Will it save me today? Will I think straight now that my old friend is back? Don’t be foolish. It’s a passing whim, a fancy, will go away, die with your sleep. Will it live beyond the morning tomorrow. Answer that honestly. Ummm.

Get back to the job. Clean it. Now where are the papers? Has the size of the paper changed? Will A4 do right? Where is the printer? Carbon? Where is the carbon. There is no carbon. Carbon is…forget the carbon paper.

The paper fits. Great. Will the ribbon work. Let’s see.


Should I get back to this? I shall keep it in the open from now on. It looks good as an antique. My typewriter.



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