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Gandhi Munnabhai Haneef August 3, 2007

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!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>Haneef is back. Haneef is a hero. Haneef is under suspicion. Haneef has not been charged. Haneef…is a celebrity. I am sure a film will be made on his incarceration, his trials and tribulations. Will he go back to Australia? Will Australia accept Haneef? We will find out all in the coming months. Will Mahesh Bhatt be the front runner to make a biopic on the doctor? It has everything that Bhatt wants – controversy, scandal which guarantees a great opening and lastly it is human interest story which he could have handled brilliantly in his heydays. But now…?

Sanjay Dut is back in prison. He has to spend the next 6 years behind bars. What a tragic life he has led! We all love him. The son of legendary actors macho, vulnerable, gullible, a great friend, rash – it seems as if his entire life was destined to be one of extreme highs and lows…the proverbial child of destiny eternally buffeted by the whims of chance, fate and his own reckless choices. Munnabhai…the lovable rouge

Gandhi My Father opens in India today. A film by renowned theater director Feroze (Abbas) Khan on the tumultuous relationship between Gandhi, the father of the Nation and his son Harilal. Already there are whisperings of controversy…how can the father of an entire nation NOT BE father to his own son? Well…let’s debate that and not break heads, set fire to public property or kill.

A strange week indeed where a film on Gandhi opens today, the transfer of Sanjay Dutt, whose most memorable role in recent times was that of Munnabhai who becomes friendly to a Gandhi who is human and accessible, to the yerawada prison where Gandhi had spent some time as a British prisoner and the return of Mohd Haneef from Australia after the government there fails to charge him.




1. v - August 3, 2007

what are you saying? who are you? what is your standing?
what are you complaining about if you are?
are you trying to point at irony of the situation….

we live in a market… every thing is to be sold, from terrorists to martyrs if there is any difference between them… there is a definite buyer for every one/thing…

consuming n getting consumed

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