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After the Euphoria August 16, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in 15th of August, Bangkok, friend, Independence, india, luck, Tabloid, Zee News.

I was called at 9 in the morning of the 15th of August by a dear friend of mine to convey a sad news – a very close friend of mine had apparently disappeared in Bangkok. He is a cameraman and had gone to shoot the last 4 days of a Hindi feature film. His passport size photo was on the 2nd page of a tabloid.

We, a close bunch of 12 people freaked out. All through the day we called each other, called the director in Bangkok (salute), he called us and evening came and there was hope and by night everything got confusing beyond redemption. We had nothing to hold on to. We didn’t know a thing other than the fact that he had withdrawn money on 2 different occasions.

By night I had begun to hate ZEE NEWS. Zee like so many of their ilk decided to spice up our friend’s disappearance. Painted him in various shades of evil and debauchery so that it makes for 3 and a half minutes of interesting viewing. In the process they indulged in character assassination, speculated no end and gave untold grief to family and friends. A BIG THANK YOU. Hope you have got the salary raise that your life depended on?

Today is the 16th and my friend has still not been found. Zee News probably and hopefully has got bored of my friend. We are scared and although some of us are atheists are praying…

And the 60th Independence day celebrations of India are over. What took place that day other than raising the flag, beating of chests, announcements of aid relief and vows to instill integrity in the future generations of the country?

Good Luck



1. v - August 17, 2007

i dont know if there is any solution to such a callous act (Zee news). it does make me realize how small i’m in the biggest democratic country of the world. how a citizen’s personal pain and trauma can made into a titillating bit of news. how my basic right to integrity and dignity can be so easily violated. i’m at loss of words.
i dont event want to say that i’ hate Zee news for what they have done b’coz i’m sure that they have become so insensitive and irresponsible that they will not be able to understand what a common citizen of our great country is trying to say.
i wish that Zee people could go back to basic schooling and learning so that they could re-learn their lessons on humanity and dignity of a human being which they have forgotten.
please guys go to school. you and the country desperately needs it.

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