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Lost August 17, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Bangkok, film, friends, Lost, Mumbai, Shetty.

There has still been no sign of my friend who is lost in Bangkok. Some friends and a relative are in Bangkok. Others like us who are in Mumbai want to go, but there are various problems. Money, career, and other obligations. We do feel guilty I think. We have spent so many days and nights together. Have laughed and fought together. Ate and drank together. We are feeling sad and guilty.

Then we justify our inability by giving various excuses. Will our presence actually help? What good will come of it other than giving emotional support and individual brownie points? Don’t know what to do.

Various conspiracy theories have cropped up. What happened we ask and then stay mute – we don’t have an answer, any answer. He had given up the last 4 months of his life for the film. Rarely met his friends or partied or did late nights. The film was everything, like it is for all of us. Then what made our friend leave all and disappear just 3 days before the final wrap?

Has he been kidnapped? Fallen in bad company? What? WHAT?

We wait for your return Shetty. And we won’t ask any questions.

all and everyone back home



1. RSK - August 20, 2007

hey bro,

my heart goes out to all of you and the family members…

i think what you are feeling is natural and im not sure if it can be escaped anyhow

but what maybe of some consolation is that you have been deeply concerned in heart and mind for all these days…playing your part as the point of contact for all and sundry to find out about the latest situations…it may seem mundane and insignificant in the larger scheme of things but i know that it is quite a task in its own way…

your life has responded to your friend in a the best possible manner and within our mortal limitations of time and money, its the best one could have done…the answer to the question if what is the most appropriate response can be decided by each individual concerned only…the others can only speculate…

and in the end its the heart that is important… and I’m sure that could help deciding how well one has done…

circumstances can determine the level of involvement but not the intensity…

so don’t worry…you doing well…

till later,



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