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Rape of A Nation August 21, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Andhra Pradesh, Cops, Evolution, india, nation, Naxal, POlice, Rape, rebel, Traibal, Vishakhapatnam.


Police in India is feared. They are an extra-constitutional authority. They are not autonomous. They are affiliated to the people in power and their ideologies. It doesn’t matter who is governing…the Right or the Left, the Police are with people who are in power. End of story. They help each other. When the legislators commit a crime or a misdemeanor the cops bail them out. And they return the favour when the cops do the unthinkable.

This mutually beneficial affair has been going on for long. Most governments are scared of giving autonomy to the police force. There will be a semblance of interference even when the force is autonomous, but imagine an entire Army that is at the disposal of the State…an Army that is armed, dangerous and motivated to be on the side of Power and Influence!

On Monday morning, 20th of August 2007, 11 tribal women in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India were raped by local policemen. After a routine search operation to flush out Naxals did not yield any results, the cops took their ire on women who were alone in their huts. The few men folk were threatened with the armory at their disposal.

After the rape they went about their official duties. Now the illiterate and traumatized tribals have to undergo medical tests and o\interrogation by the very machinery that has raped them. Can we expect justice? NO. Not when the perpetrators are the appointed guardians of justice.

The rebels have another reason to feel alienated, angry and to seek retribution and justice and they will do it by taking the extreme step. By ambushing and killing more policemen. So we have a cycle of violence. The oppressor and the oppressed. Meanwhile the mandarins of the State and the Nation are busy selling the state and the nation as the hottest travel, technology and religious destination in the world.

Never mind these aberrations. After all there is going to be collateral damage in this circus of evolution.




1. v - August 21, 2007

yes! perhaps we have to call it a process of evolution or circus of evolution so that we don’t get sleepless nights but its not so simple. we can’t let it go just like that… calling it to be a cycle of violence…
its not just police, any one who has to avenge anything has to avenge it through women only… then what better way than raping… the most humiliating of all…

i see nothing wrong in it, when these women or their clan will retaliate and seek revenge… there is nothing wrong it..perhaps they should not even expect justice from the system that has raped them.. they should just go and kill them… keeping it as simple as that…
i don’t see it as a cycle of violence… its a process of social change and evolution that has to happen… they will oppress and the oppressed has to kill… there is no other way… our fucking upper class will not wake up otherwise… no individual’s innocence matters… one is either buying what state has been propagating or stand against it…

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