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Motivation? August 22, 2007

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Do all of us have motivation? What if the lack of motivation is the springboard of all action? Is that possible. Some 5 of us sat and made each other crazy in the ideation meeting today. Action is character as Hardy said. Do we need to weave an appealing, understandable, simplistic backstory that justifies ‘everything’ that a character does or doesn’t?

Too many questions in that paragraph I think. ‘I do what I do’, says my character. Each action is independent. It has no baggage, history of knowledge and experience. Then what? Is my character unreal? What does he / she become psychologically? Can we analyze that character? Will the audience be able to relate to that character, able to understand, sympathize and empathize.



1. gudus - August 23, 2007

what is the definition of ‘arbid’?

2. gudus - August 24, 2007

so you think someone needs to spike the chief’s drink? A couple of drops to sweeten the tea.

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