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Sholay Ka Satya August 24, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Cinema, india, Ram Gopal Varma, Ramesh Sippy, Satya, Sholay.



0n the 31st of August a Hindi film is about to hit the marquee that is being most eagerly awaited by different people for different reasons.


It is Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘adaptation’ or ‘re-interpretation’ of the 1975 classic ‘Sholay’. If you are Indian and you don’t know ‘Sholay’ then probably you don’t have a mind, memory etc. That is the veneration that the film generates. It was Ramesh Sippy’s tribute to the spaghetti western.


During the days of the cassette tape one of the most prominent displays was enjoyed by the double tape of Sholay. With the two heroes Jai and Veeru on the sidecar – scooter and Garam Dharam trying to strangle Gabbar with a half-log as the two sides of the cassette jacket.


The nation remembered most of the dialogues of the film and they still do, 30 years after the film. Speaks volumes about a film, book, music or a relationship. It’s an enduring affinity between the film Sholay and the film-goer.


And Mr. Varma is trying to re-interpret it. Gabbar is now being played by Bachchan himself. The groovy ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ has been ravaged twice, first in Aap Ka Suroor and now by Mr. Varma. We all have to wait how the film fares. It can’t match up to the original we all know. Some or most of us are waiting ‘how bad can it get’? Will Mr. Varma be able to recreate the old magic. Why answer the question?


What has happened to the guy who gave us Raat, Shiva, Satya and 1st half of Company. Others would have more names but anyways…Satya will be his Sholay. Is anybody trying to remake Satya?




1. gudus - August 27, 2007

Ram Gopal Verma has lost the plot. I think he takes himself too seriously, I also think he’s got a big cock. Will ‘AAG’ and ‘DARLING’ release on the same day? Which will be the worse film. My bet would be on ‘AAG’.

2. v - August 27, 2007

sad some people don’t know when they EXPIRE… more unfortunate is that they don’t even know how to re invent themselves…

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