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Terror August 28, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Custody, Hyderabad, india, Kafka, terror.

Another attack. This time in Hyderabad. 40 + people dead, many more injured. India is immune to terrorism or what? We get routinely bombed and killed. There are a thousand and one suspects. People are arrested. Human Rights organizations will protest as most of them normally are innocents from minority populations. Kafkaesque trials are held, some custodial deaths just happen, magisterial inquiries are initiated, cops get exonerated and by then we have forgotten the blast courtesy the Great Indian Spirit and move on or try to before bam…another blast rocks us. Pretty cycle this of death, justice, compensation and revenge.

We hear Europe and America whenever they are under attack. Entire continents are quarantined to look for the suspects. Back home in India it is the cursory checks by pot-bellied constables with archaic profiling skills and dogs that seem more interested in sniffing out their next meal. Am I being too critical? Spare a thought for the beleaguered force. They have not been home in 3 days and are paid a pittance, stay in about to collapse buildings with a family the god of the joint family will be ecstatic about.

We all have our reasons.

Terror terror on the wall, who is the weakest of them all

I am not them, they are not me, I will…

I dread to complete the rhyme, but

We will run out of time



1. gudus - August 28, 2007

Being a ‘Terrorist’ is a viable career option in India. With the ‘terror act’ success rate near hundred percent, the growth potential is enormous. Recruitment centres spread across the country, foreign training schedules, excellent remuneration, free acco and a ticket to heaven as post retirement benefit, ‘Terrorism’ has finally arrived in this country. Its the next best thing after the BPO boom.

2. astralwicks - August 28, 2007

seems like that for sure. where are the headhunters? in the alley; on the net; in your schools; in the park; over the loudspeakers; during festivals; everywhere???

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