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Blog Fix September 5, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Basra, Blog, British, Captain America, Chanda, Donation, Festival, Hyderabad, india, Janmasthami, Krishna, pakistan, Rawalpindi, Rawapindi.

The Blog is the new fix. I need the fix. It’s been 4 days since I have not written and something seems to be going wrong. I am unable to get the jab of excitement when I check the Bog stats. The jump in numbers are visible but they didn’t make me jump. Does a new Blog guarantee more traffic? No. But hope is the drug of existence.

What has happened in the meantime? Lots. People are being dragged after being tied to horses, trucks and other human and inhuman contraptions for a variety of reasons. It was Krishna Janmasthami yesterday. A festive date in the year. Groups of youngsters practice all year round to make a human pyramid and reach the summit to break a clay pot – matka that is filled with curd or curd milk and win accolades and monetary rewards. It is meant to celebrate the most popular of Hindu gods – Krishna.

Clubs also ask for charity in the form of donations –money etc so that they can organize a cultural event, buy t-shirts for the members or to have party after the event. Booze.

A few days before the event a shopkeeper was shot dead after he refused to pay the ‘chanda’ or the donation. The irate bunch of devotees made a decision – to punish the apostate and thrashed him to death. Point taken. Nobody will refuse when they come next year or for the next celebration.

RGV’s Aag is a massive massive flop. Will it set alarm bells ringing or will it make the director even more secure in his knowledge that nobody understands his kind of film making and therefore he IS making good films? Frankly, who gives a damn any more?

Rawalpindi, in Pakistan was rocked by bomb blasts. Hyderabad in India too. We are neigbours India and Pakistan. British troops have handed over/withdrawn from Basra where bomb blasts are as natural as day and night. Captain America still fights on. Never mind the coffins. The coffins don’t care anyways.



1. gudus - September 5, 2007

you wrote you wrote! was wondering if my absence had anything to do with your silence. emm…i’ve been a frequent visitor, many times a day. think thats the little jump in the numbers? naaaah i’m sure it’s not.

Did you finally watch AAGGH!?

btw, a one column picture of the ‘human pyramid’ was the only mumbai reminder in todays Dilli paper.

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