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Horn OK Please September 6, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Air, Bombay, Car, City, F1, india, Mumbai, Pollution, Road Rage, traffic, Urban, Urbanisation.

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One of these days anything is possible. Traffic in the morning can make you believe in God and other elemental forces. You start praying.

Horns can kill you or make you kill. That’s an overstatement probably, but they can surely maim. In Bombay and in India you hear the horn all the time. People have no patience. The people who lag are convinced that they are in a F1 race and the person ahead of them is on a sight seeing expedition. So the horns do what they do best…tear through thin and tenuous membrane, scratch it, do all other sorts of un-imaginables before reaching the nervous system.

You scream inside. You abuse the people who are honking for no obvious reason. If the traffic moves slow then it’s not moving at all. They want an expressway all times. Some strange logic pervades these men and women who are safely ensconced behind raised windows. For them noise is what happens to others. Their ear drums are safe…the world can take a walk.

Some of these people have also traveled far and wide, that is, they have seen the exciting world. How traffic has an evolved mind of its own. How millions of cars travel at peak hours and there is not a single horn to be heard. When it is indeed heard then it signifies an aberration. That somebody has committed an error in the giant watchmaker’s scheme of things. India is like this only, they swear under their breath. We will never improve. All this progress is just talk and nonsense. Just a lot of noise. Empty rattle and child’s prattle.

Even this hurts. Take a guess what a horn does!



1. Kaustav - September 6, 2007

Brother i want to hold you in my arms and say “i agree with you”.Nothing can be more true about the indian culture today.There can be no respite from this .. no escape. This is the reality.Things like these do not miss us although we have been born and brought up in the same civilization.Somebody will say join the crowd…i mean the traffic and have fun.OK HORN PLEASE.. TATA BYE BYE ..Use dipper at night.

2. myexpression - September 7, 2007


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