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St.Juste September 7, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in 7, Alistair Pereira, Bollywood, india, justice, Nawab of Pataudi, Politicos, sentence, St.Juste, Sunjay Dutt, trial.

I love Nargis and Sunil Dutt. Similarly I adore Sunjay Dutt, the man we all love because of an inexplicable tragic flaw that makes him human, vulnerable and therefore fallible. He did what he did and is now visiting the courts and the temples to prove his innocence. Whenever the courts are close to announce a judgement or when recently they actually did, the Bollywood fraternity is approached for sound bytes. What is your opinion about the sentence, they ask.

The replies are funny. Nargis and Sunil uncle were wonderful people, they say. Sanju has a heart of gold. It was just a mistake. He has suffered enough. It was only Jaggu dada who said the truth – let him live the sentence, at least he can be a free man after that.

Cut to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi getting caught post a hunting expedition. Sample the reasons – Pataudi is a nawab, old habits die hard, it’s in his blood, blue blood does it etc etc.

Alistair Periera – still a kid at 21, didn’t know that running over people with a vehicle can kill, didn’t know that drunken driving can kill, give him a chance. The judge duly gave him a no sentence. Now it’s been increased to 3 years for killing 7 people!!

Where is justice? What is justice?

There are others who do things all over the country. Shahabuddin, Lalu politicos and priests and others. And we thought…

Where is justice? What is justice?



1. myexpression - September 10, 2007

there is nothing like justice.
they can justify anything if they want.
every rape, murder and every atrocity is justified in this country.
we are a land of justice.
its just to kill people who sleep on the roads.
its just to follow our traditional sport of hunting.
its just to keep some arms and ammunition for fun.


2. astralwicks - September 10, 2007

rage all that rage
speaks not about our age
this is ancient anger
and in retribution lies danger
but punished they must be
whatever that may be

3. Ajit - October 24, 2007

Hi there…
Interesting posts that you have there. I am in process of contructing my own blog at blogspot. I’ll drop in a line as soon as its ready. Meanwhile on the question of justice……. I have very cynical views, which are the result of my being angry all the time without having changed anything..
Well he might be innocent but is being procecuted.. there are others who need to be skinned alive and then salted for fun, but are roaming the country giving keynote addresses. BUt a precedence of a worng does not justify another wrong. There are hundreds of kAshmiri youth who for want of money and safety of their families did cross the border and are rotting in jails, without ever firing a shot.
Just because we dont see or hear them pray at Sidhi Vinayak and see their MP sisters hugging them doesnt mean that they are not innocent and this fellow is.
Most people are innocent and most crime is fit of madness, but what was he thinking??
An AK 56 is no desi katta. It is illegal in civilian hands in almost all the countries except switzerland. It can fire a bullet at 3 times the speed of sound and can drop an elephant at 400 meters…It is no toy and neither was he hobnobbing with kids, when he purchased the weapon. Those were hardened criminals, the mafia and terrorist combined….
Finally as I said he is a funny & a good actor at times, but he is a criminal and needs to serve the sentence. So is Lalu Prasad. I am waiting for the day when is is impaled and put on a slow roast.

4. v - October 26, 2007

wah… wah… this called anger in blood…

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