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You Make Me Mad O Lord September 21, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in BJP, Boss, Cricket, DMK, Ecology, Faith, Hurricane Katrina, india, Karunanidhi, Life, Office, Science, Sethusamundaram Project, Tamil Nadu.



Indians are late at work today. And the boss doesn’t mind losing man-hours and money-hours. That’s because India won again last night. Against the hosts South Africa. Indians are happy. The boss too. Otherwise he can kiss bye – bye to co-operation and camaraderie. Plus Ganesha is in the air. There is music, dance, alcohol, smoke in the air and you dare not complain.

It is considered an affront to raise objections against anything that religion touches or casts its shadow on. You are as good as a blasphemer. Atheists are tolerated as long as they are silent. So are the devouts who keep criticism to themselves and muzzle themselves.

I was scared of traffic snarls yesterday. But it was a genuine surprise. The cops were doing a more organized job at hand and well…I extend my congratulations. Keep it going on.

Another affair of the faith that is making the airwaves. Should the Sethusamundaram project be undertaken or not? There are the ayers and the nayers. There are 2 groups opposing it. One is led by ecologists and environmentalists. They oppose this herculean task that will construct a bridge and connect India and Sri Lanka due to various factors that can be taken as evincing from genuine human interest. The other is led by political parties led by the BJP who say that the current project will damage the ancient bridge constructed by the Lord’s simian army some 17 thousand years ago or something extravagant like that.

Did Lord Ram exist? Who is Lord Ram one can ask, as a lot of them – government agencies, archaeological department etc are asking. My question is this – Who is Lord Ram who on a regular basis…once every 10 years or so comes like Hurrican Katrina and makes waste of common sense, humanity, logic and other such trivia?

To begin with – Lord Ram is the beloved God of most of northern India other than South India. The ruling party of Tamil Nadu, the Indian state overseeing the construction of the bridge is DMK. Led by writer, poet and atheist Karunanidhi who posed some very entertaining questions – sample this – who is this Lord Ram? How did an army of monkeys construct this bridge over troubled waters? Where did Ram get his engineering degree from?

This has outraged the hell and heaven off the believers. How dare anyone ask WHO the good Lord is or was? Isn’t it understood, they ask, incredulity writ large on their faces. They also being experienced politicians have extended support to the ecologists. Now the work on the project has been stopped. Battle lines have been drawn. Faith vs Science. Where is Lord Ram?



1. gudus - September 21, 2007

Sethusamundaram is an ecological disaster project, but now it seems we should argue for it. Or is it easier to start believing in Lord Rama and pray it stops the prospective underwater carnage. But if, Lord Rama is for real, and he and his army of monkeys did build the bridge, he must have also been born in Ayodhya, exactly where the Babri masjid once stood?

2. astralwicks - September 21, 2007

finally some opposition and anger. where has it gone in these times that we inhabit?

3. v - September 24, 2007

bhagwan kahan ho tum…:-)

4. gudus - September 28, 2007

where art thou thoughts o friend

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