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Filmy Gaddar October 1, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Blog, Confusion, Culture, Entertainment, film, Filmy, Filmy Gaddar, india, Johny Gaddar, Writing.

Not written for the last 4 days. I got upset with myself. Don’t have connection back home so the writing is always somewhere else and under deadlines of 5 minutes or so so that work doesn’t suffer. Had to make a presentation today. Have to admit that i am slow on Monday mornings. They are truly awful. It takes some time for the mind to realize the malevolent monday. Some get right into the frame and start cracking concepts, the air and hearts too. Me is slow.

Saw Johny Gaddar yesterday. A tribute to past masters of suspense, JG didn’t pass muster. The acting was horrible. Only Zakir and Vinay passed muster to an extent. The plot was predictable and I just lost interest in the proceedings. Neel must learn and so must Sriram. In what frame of mind did he cast Rimi? Was the reason this – that she is a ditzy, stupid girl and fits the bill? What’s with her horrible Bong accent? Same with neel – eats more words than he chews.

Come to think of it Abhishek, Hrithik all have a problem – they can’t pronounce words completely or properly. Do they realize this? Or being a superstar they can impose their lack of skills on us? Seems they do the latter more than willingly.

Missed the music completely. The soundtrack sounded interesting and here the film used the worst tracks. Does this problem exist because – we like Western films iwith no songs and want to use an Indian narrative with songs. It is like the joke that Sriram used in Johny G about the Donkeys. Where do we stand? Who are we? What should we do…these and many more cosmic existsntial questions seemed to be shackling our directors…blurring their vision.

See it for the nostalgia…of a name, remixed half-phrases and a neo-tribute that seems to be more market – driven…i am sorry here, but that’s how it seems…why is Dharam paaji speaking so many English lines? What was the cameraman thinking? Whatever.



1. v - October 3, 2007

hmm… someone seems to be really upset… so is the case wd me… felt cheated afer watching the film… the script was not too bad… it was any regular pulp but what bad performances… mr. director was sleeping, i wonder… there was no style… nothing… it was crude and novice at times… muzic was the only saving grace… but ruined totally in absence of supporting visual magic… whatever… i guess i should stop watching films at theater… should get pirated dvd to watch such stuff, no point in wasting money…

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