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A Thousand Suns October 8, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Cricket, crime, Culture, God, india, Kitano, Life, Movies, Murder, Office, Suicide, Suns, Television, Tickets.

Not done, I admonish myself. For not being able to write and post. But time is nobody’s slave. And to wriggle out of it all the time is well night impossible. So whats new? Grab it before it is old. New is India’s victory over Australia by 8 runs. A real cliffhanger. Couple of birthdays got celebrated at the office. The cakes had to wait till India’s victory to be blessed by the knife’s caress.

Ideation. Morning, afternoon, evening…ideation. Television is different from films. That’s obvious. Is it a bane? Probably. Network executives are millionaires. And news is made. The era of cultured news. Sohisticated, appealing to the eye to a population that is sucking on candy and wasting more than it can spend. Who cares about the world until the next tragedy knocks on my door?

Salary. The place I work is a reputable organization. But not when it comes to paying on time. Every month its the same story. Will the organization tolerate my incompetence if I display it? Your guess is as good as mine…sigh.

Saw a touching, humorous film yesterday. 3 films that is basically 1 film made by 3 different directors. Set on a train it is. Saw Kikujiro by Kitano yesterday. Simple and moving. What else?

Lots if one is honest. A muslim boy who got married to a hindu girl died under mysterious circumstances in West Bengal. Suicide or murder? Considering the manner in which the authorities are trying to cover and protect it seems obvious that a heinous crime has been committed. In India trying to take one’s own life is a crime also but you know what I mean. Where is the love? Not dead yet for sure. Inter-religious marriage is looked down upon. Inter – caste marriage is frowned upon. Adoptions are frowned upon.

We should be ashamed of what we are and what we are steadily becoming. All this knowledge, information, luxuries, faith, not to forget God. The onward rush is eternal. We and everything else are but milestones. Sometimes analogue, sometimes digital. Finally mortal.



1. myexpression - October 8, 2007

for the first time you are sounding angry…
its a good sign…

2. gudus - October 8, 2007



3. astralwicks - October 8, 2007

whats wrong with you junta. i am this docile cat or what you make me out to be god knows

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