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A Day’s Grief October 16, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Crisis, Depression, Family, Grief, india, Life, Personal, Reflection.

Crises. The definition of life. Is there anything called smooth sailing? There isn’t? Or am I losing perspective because one is too close to it? Anyways who says that happiness is a permanent state? Some, in fact do, and of them, saints, philosophers, armchair academicians, one is intensely suspicious.

Enough of this philosophy. For what illusion was I harbouring? Brother has fought brother. Father has fought son and they have plotted, schemed and killed each other. And friends have betrayed each other. And love has worn the garb of hate. That is what it is. Has been and forever will be. So what illusion?

Is this illusion necessary? Of friendship, love, kinship, hope of something better, nay, longlasting, genuine and eternal? Are we weak? Will we perish if we do not have this shadow of a better future, of better days and nights? Emotional bulwark is it? Psychological support we call it or…

Where is this permanence? Are we in collusion with ourselves? Fool ourselves and then cry and move on or fool ourselves yet again that we indeed have moved on. That the scars were…well temporary. Life, the grande parade has to move on and it has. Who wants your approval? And so on and so forth.

Today’s outpouring is because of a reason. Something intimate, personal has triggered it and therefore this puke of today. Tomorrow would be different and day after much different. Permanence eh…!

The mind moves and not the tree, its branches or its leaves. Grief will turn to mirth and sorrow into celebration and ecstasy into depression and we will go with it wherever it takes us. Like the spirit of Mumbai what option do we have? Sisyphus has to roll the rock and the rock has to plummet down and he has to again roll it up and the rock has to…



1. myexpression - October 16, 2007

Sisyphus has to roll the rock and the rock has to plummet down and he has to again roll it up and the rock has to…

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