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Awake October 23, 2007

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What is today’s urge? And where does it begin?

Just as the eye’s open and takes in the first rays of the sun peeping through the curtains?Or in the journey of the snuggle as one retreats further into the coverlet coiling into oneself?

Still in bed…when you hear the faint chirping of the birds…yet to be drowned by the morning traffic howls?

Or in the first ginger steps as one regains one’s root with the earth?

The smell of Tea or Coffee in the morning.

The first sip of tea or coffee.

Is it the first stings of cold water that awakens in us the first desires of the day?

As you open the morning’s newspaper.

The first drag on the cigarette.

The first bells from the nearby temple.

The first prayers from the nearby place of worship.

When you log into the www.

The kirst hug, kiss.

The rustle of clean ironed clothes.

The thread of your favourite ancient jeans that tugs at your skin.

The brief glimpse of the traveling cloud that reminds suddenly of childhood, love and the past.

Your favourite beggar who smiles at you.

The scolding of one’s parents.

The voice of your favourite RJ on the FM.

Your favourite song on the CD.

The newly born smell from the nearby bakery.

The struggling smoke from last night’s dying fire.

Eager, hurrying steps hailing autos, catching buses, shouting and abuses.

Hagglling and horns.

Traffic jam manouvering.

Speeding, jumping the red light.

Fleeting glimpse of the girl/boy while crossing the road.

The first bite into your favourite grub.

The whiff of your favourite perfume at the crossroads.

Children returning from school.

Early morning flowers.

The rising stocks.

The falling stocks.

The T20 match.

The bed.









1. v - October 23, 2007

i’m wide awake…. 🙂

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