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Reality Show October 26, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in BJP, india, Journalism, Media, News, People, Personal, Politics, Reflections, Secularism, State, Sting Operation, Writing.

Presumed innocent. Innocent until proven guilty. Guilty by suspicion. Witch hunt. Expose. Sting. That was the talk of the media yesterday in India. Aaj-Tak and its intrepid journalists caught a whole bunch of right – wing activists glaoting about theor role during the Godhra riots. How acts of ommission and commission were a part of official response to the large – scale rioting that took place after the Sabarmati Express, carrying Kar Sevaks from Ayodhya, was torched.

The retaliation against the muslim community was sponsored, supported, encouraged and wiped under the carpet by the Modi administration. Middle – class Hindus from Ahmedabad, with a bank job or an executive working for an MNC were seen rioting during those 3 days of state sponsored pogrom. And then forgotten.

Some honest police officers who took an objection agains the Modi mayhem were alleged by the State of doing some wrong doing or the other. Some of them are still fighting to acquit themselves of baseless allegations imposed and fought by the State.

Meanwhile muslims were killed, their houses razed, their women, children and men raped, killed and secretly buried. No protest was able to move the BJP politicians. Revenge they smelt was good…for shoring up voters.

Zahira Sheikh the most famous of the witnesses did an about face and many a monkey proved its worth in the Gujrat saga that is still to find a closure. The silent Hindus don’t care. A historical wrong is being set right, they are able to convince themselves. What did Congress do in 1984 they ask and before that in the late 70’s in Calcutta? Everybody has a holy cow to be ashamed of and to be proud of. Not to forget the commies.

People in power kill. People in power explot. People in power will not change.

People who are not in power will beg, steal, survive, kill each other, attempt to kill the more powerful and then be crushed.

The rest will make excellent viewers. That’s reality.

Like dediciated television audiences there were various reactions on watching the report. Don’t we already know about who killed whom and how? Yes, of course, we do, but we don’t have evidence somebody said. Evidence.

Presumed Innocent, I heard somewhere




1. myexpression - October 26, 2007

they should be skinned to death…
and by the way they are not activists…
they are fundamentalists…

2. xntricpundits - October 26, 2007

What we learn from history is, we do not learn from history…

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5. dogstail - November 8, 2007

@ Myexpression. You are filled with hatred as they were. Is that the right path??

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