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Friday Fury November 3, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Cinema, Culture, Diwali, Festival, Films, india, nation, Personal, Writing.

3 BIGGIES this friday. 2 big films this friday. Sawariya by Bhansali and Om Shanti Om of Shah Rukh and Farha. And DIWALI – the festival of lights on the 9th. Who is going to burn the brightest? The filmakers have an enviable track record. OSO looks more promising according to WOM or word of mouth. But Bhansali can grow too…at the Box Office that is.

You can watch Hindi films at their best. Its masala at its best. Will the festival make us forget the negatives? Will we wink at bad acting, non-existent screenplays, self-obsession and laugh at all the money going down the drain. Me is cynical. Not the time I guess. Whatever we do we will burn money on the 9th.

Dard-e-Disco is the new teen anthem and the 6 packs…digital or otherwise is drawing oohs and aahs. What shall I do? Firecrackers!! As kids it was eagerly awaited. But now…the sound definitely hurts the drums. As kids the louder it was the better it was and now it is only COLOUR/SPARKLERS.

But kids will always like more of sound and fury. I also didn’t know or didn’t pay attention to the scared animals all around me. Dogs and cats definitely have a horrific time. So do mice am sure. But now I get rattled.

Age is catching up or maturity or cowardice. A bit of everything I guess.



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