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What A Blast November 7, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Culture, Deepawali, Diwali, Festival, india, Personal, Safety, Writing.

Diwali. The festival of lights in a couple of days.Our cheques have come late and it takes 3 days to clear. From friday its the time of public holidays. So our cheque’s will not clear till the 14th at least. Where will the money come from to celebrate Diwali? The management cares two hoots. ‘Thank god you are at least getting the money’, would be the repartee, said in the most innocent of tone and face so that it is sounds like a joke whereas it could mean an imminent threat.

The markets in India are full of excess. Looking around one is sometimes apalled. Does India actually have electricity shortfall, I wonder? Lights everywhere and millions of them. And the million is not hyperbole. Check the Lokhandwala market. It can light a few Indian villages for some days. It’s the festive time and who cares.

So buy the burnol, memorize the local fire brigade’s number, buy an extinguisher and bar me from riting such apocalyptic blogs.

Wish all a safe, sound and colourfull Deepawali.



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