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We The People November 13, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Culture, india, Journal, Life, People, Personal, Random, Rants, Reflection, Thoughts, Writing.

We are educated

We are liberal

We are indians

We are hindus

We are muslims

We are christians

We are sikhs

We are jains

We are budhists

We are communists

We are marxists

We are trotskites

We are maoists

We are naxals

We are brahmins

We are tribals

We are the marginalized

We are the the scheduled castes

We are the other backward castes

We are the minority

We are the congress

We are the bjp

We are the janta d or u

We are poor

We are rich

We have a heart

We do charity

We speak no lies

We hurt no flies

We pray

We bow before gods

We chant

We don’t believe in gods

We are atheists

We are pantheists

We love animals

We don’t spit on the road

We don’t litter

We are not class-conscious

We resprect all faiths

We respect women

We protect our children

We are incorruptible

We do no wrong

We are all liars

We are racists

We are exploiters

We hate the less-fortunate

We use god as an excuse

We can kill if we want to

We will kill

We can bomb each other to rubble

We will bomb

We beat our husbands, wives, kids, fathers and mothers

We are selfish

We deserve our misery


We know not love



1. v - November 13, 2007

FIDA… totally

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