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Age Old Age November 27, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in india, Old Age, Personal, Reflection, Writing.
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When do we grow old? Is age the quotient? It is universally. It is an obvious means to measure but just as youth and age have nothing in common the same goes for old age and age. But that is not the case.

I Step out of my home. At the traffic signal everyday I see kids, boys and girls, some begging, some cleaning windshields, selling books, flowers, superstitions. They do it everyday. We see them everyday. Sometimes out of pity or necessity we employ and pay for their services. Most times we don’t. What we should do is debatable. And then we foget about them. It’s a fleeting encounter lasting 2 minutes at the most. And then the accelerator charts different destinies for both.

The boys and girls sometimes don’t hear the abuses inside the aid-conditioned machines. The cops come with some choice words. There are others whose paths they cross. Its inevitable, they live on the streets. They sleep on the kerb under the sun and moon and rain. Sometimes without any shelter or food. The great city moves on. It has no heart we say. What about the people of the city whose hearts make the city’s heart?

Who is old? Who gets older faster? Whats age got to do with it? Who lives more? Who dies more? Who is more dead?



1. myexpression - November 27, 2007

Who lives more?
Who dies more?
Who is more dead?

its the ghost of sisyphus…

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