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Pervez-crazy November 30, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Democracy, Emergency, india, pakistan, Personal, Pervez Musharaf, Poems, Random, Reflections, Uncategorized, Writing.

Mr. General you are still a President

You are a President but you would have loved to be a General

Loved the gun and the barracks

The salutes and the moolah

You are the ally

But sir you don’t allay

I will write my own democracy

I call it Pervez-crazy


Crown of thorns I dream

I say something, but contrary I mean

It’s a habit, I agree

Kashmir, Kabul, Karachi


The Uniform stares back

I wear it on the sly


This is my country

I love it

I am it’s Fate

My country doesn’t know it

They are my people

They don’t know it

I and I and I

The Legend will go on

The epitaph will sing my praises to the heaven high

But I, will I be there to read it?

I will be of course, for

I am imperishable, I am the President

And my word is the world’s command

I decree and the world agrees

How else otherwise?

Otherwise how else?



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