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Well Done Doc December 4, 2007

Posted by astralwicks in Children, Doctors, Health, Hyderabad, india, Personal, Politics, protest, Random, Writing.

Doctors in Hyderabad are on strike. There have been 6 official deaths so far of children at just one hospital where the Doctors are on strike. The deaths, the officials say, are routine. Children die everyday. That’s understood. Doctors too go on strike. That’s understood too. But children dying because of Doctors who are strike is not understandable. They have all the energry to shout slongans. All the passion to fight for their rights. All the resolve to protest against exploitative authorities. All the ambition of a prosperous future to stay hungry, not have food or water.

The children apparently don’t have any rights.

They don’t have the voice.

They don’t have the strength.

They are out – numbered by adults.

They can cry, but they will be slapped shut.

So doctors who are educated, come from cultured families and who have taken the Hippocratic oath stand as mute spectators outside the very hospital inside which children are dying. It’s routine of course. Routine carelessness. Let them die, they are none of ours.



1. Doctors Directory - December 25, 2007

are these doctors or butchers?

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