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2008 – New Year Protest January 3, 2008

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Convinctions are stronger than truths. Believe it long enough and they can do more harm than the truth.

It’s 2008 now. We are old by another year, day and month, whatever pleases you. There was Christmas cheer, there was tragedy and there was revelry. Move on said the dead bodies, the treacheries, the disappointments and broken promises. Celebrate said the remaining memories of happiness…a birth in the family, a promotion, a nuptial, a new love.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto was shocking. A friend messaged me when I was in Delhi, battling the winter chill. I informed my parents in Jamshedpur, who didn’t know the Rawalpindi incident. They confirmed and since then everything is in total confusion.

Bullets felled her. No, the lever of the sun-roof did her in. No, the blast killed her. What is certain is the fact that she is no more. Since then she has managed to wash off some of the taints that continued to haunt her when alive.

She immediately became a martyr for an entire nation. The unifying factor was eliminated. Now what will be the fate of Pakistan…commentators wondered? Punter, especially the ones active in the sub-continent would have betted heavily on the acsension of her son Bilal. After the high – profile political announcement the young man was shipped to Oxford, his mother’s alma mater.

We are slaves. At least we think we are. This is best shown in the reaction to Benazir’s death. Just like in India, our neighbour too is servile at the feet of its rulers. Be it the army, the civilian, the Guru, the preacher, the lover, or plain God. We need a master. A master who will guide us. Who will hold our hands and spank them if we make an error. We need a blue-blooded descendent who has been heaven-ordained to tell us…do this and not that. Tell us, remind us time and again, that they are superior and we are inferior. That we will be ruled by them for generations to come. That no matter what our education and ability, they are the one who will rule.


Because they own the lands. Because they own the government. Because they move in the wine and cheese circle that makes laws, breaks laws and gets away with it. Because they are the ones who know English or whatever language that is popular with power right now. Because they know Americans in power. Because they know Britishers in power. Because they have weapons. Because they have the contacts. Because they own the media. Because they have followers. Because they can fool people. Because the people are fools. Because we let them.

We deserve the rulers we get because we want to be slaves.


Everybody knows Goa. People go there to party, to relax, to unwind. It has the sea, the river and the rolling hills. There are hamlets that are tranquil and peaceful. There the air is cleaner.

No more thanks to the mighty government of India.

People of the state have been agitating against the establishment of SEZ’s or Sepcial Economic Zones. The government of the State has said that they don’t want any SEZ’s in Goa.

The Government of India says that the State government has no right to de-notify the SEZ’s. Why? Because the center has already spent 500 crores. So screw your eco concerns because we have spent somebody else’s money. And why are you worrying about the hills and the water? You will be dead by the time the harm comes to play its ‘taandav’. So earn the compensation and commit suicide because we have already spent 500 crores.


Compare the Nandigram situation last month. Political parties wanted to raise questions about Nandigram but CPI (M) said that violence in West Bengal is a state subject and questions about it cannot be raised in the parliament.




1. myexpression - January 4, 2008

“earn the compensation and commit suicide”

well said…

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