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Tele-Memories of India January 3, 2008

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This is a continuation of of my previous Blog on Television in India and my connection with it. I ended with the introduction of the Booster. Lets move ahead.

The First Shows

So going back to the first time. I don’t remember the 1st visual but there it could have been The Giant Robot. I was awe-struck when I saw it for the 1st time. I hated the end of my vacations because I would be going back to Jamshedpur where there was still no television. But I saw the last episode of Giant Robot in Jamshedpur and I cried.

Showtime was another DD show that I remember watching in Bhubaneshwar. Two women used to host the show. They used to discuss some film and a particularly famous scene from the same film was played. I was hooked to Showtime.

There was another show (sadly I have forgotten its name) in which they used to explain how special effects are created in the film industry. For that time and age it was interesting programming. I would still like to see a show that simplfies special effects.

Mashoor Mahal

Remember it !? The first game show that I can remember. Friendly host, a whole lot of expensive gifts and the tantalising temptations…will they fall for greed or just be happy with the prize and go back. The set of the show was also better than most of the shows currently on air. The host was nice, easy, friendly and as far as I can remember, was dressed in kurta and pyjama. What was his name, anyone? Simple days those ones…

Hum Log

the first soap that I saw. Those days it used to come around 7.30 in the evening. One interesting co-relation is how television has changed the biological clock. I remember clearly that my entire family, parents, grandmother, all of us used to sleep by 8 0 clock. We used to have our dinner by 7, watch Hum Log and then sleep.

Gradually Hum Log moved up the time table and probably ended up with the 9 0 clock prime time slot. My father used to watch it for Basheshar Ram…because he used to sing Sehgal songs and Vinod Nagpal acquited himself excellent as the irresponsible alcoholic.

I also was fascinated by the guest appearance of Ashok Kumar at the end of each episode…the promotion of the next episode in a vernacular language.

The ICONIC Krishi Darshan

Nobody forgets KD. It has helped millions of farmers in India. Boring hosts, scientific talk in Hindi, cows and farms, seeds, pests and manure…all of us must have watched it briefly because of lack of alternatives and then joke about it for eternity. The Dadaji from Hum Log used to be one of the hosts for a while.

Lost and Found

A capsule that showed the photographs of people, lost and an address (Daryaganj) to contact in case of any information. There is an interesting story about it. In the initial days the Hostess used to say this… ‘when you have information about ‘ALL’ of the lost people, please contact us at…’ then they realized the blooper. Having information about ALL would be an impossible expectation they concluded and changed it to ‘in case of ANY information about ANY of the above, please contact at the below mentioned address…’



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