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Ponting The Fascist January 7, 2008

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Ponting and the Australian team are fascist cricketers hell bent on emerging victorious at any cost. In an unequal world if they were warriors carrying a gun then they will pillage, plunder and rape if need be because to win is more important than playing the game in the spirit.

Congratulations to Australiam Ricky Ponting and the Australian public. The Aussies like to win. Who doesn’t? Indians too like to win. Aussies plays it hard. Like Waugh said, a bit of banter, a friendly word here or there, only arouses the passion for your game and country. Agreed.

Sledging is a valid act of in the winning and all teams, even tat plays gully cricket indulges in some for of verbal banter.

Winning matches and winning it honestly are two different things. The umpires reminded one of Pakistani umpires in the late 70’s or 80’s when it was almost certain that the local team always wins. So does Australia. By playing great cricket.

But no more. Ponting and his bunch of achievers are nothing but a bunch of cheats and thieves. The captain of any sport is supposed to represent and uphold certain ideals…of gamesmanship, integrity and honesty. Ponting’s desire to succeed has robbed him of basic cricket ethics. For him cricket is like the Foster’s advertisement. It is played only by Australians, for Australians and in Australia.

The Australian captain is dishonest, a slave to victory, has no gamesmanship and is defending the indefensible. Te evidence is for all to see. All hail te new God of Victory. Do anything but win. Lie, lie lie again, lie in face of evidence.

All hail the new captain who encourages you to cheat, lie, gang up, intimidate and lift the cup.



1. dogstail - January 11, 2008

Sorry astral. I am not a fan of cricket but things change whem money comes in. Money means that the player is a professional. He has to learn to keep his cool even under tough conditions. australian sledging is nothing but a test of nerves, which sadly we dont have.

2. Yes, a biased Aussie, but at least I admit it. - January 7, 2009

A completely opinion-based editorial with no cited evidence to back up your points.

You might want to have a closer look at your own team before accusing the Aussies of such an extreme thing as fascism – Harbhajan Singh was suspended, so the whole team threatened to take their bats and balls and go home? How childish and petulant is that? And then Anil Kumble had the nerve to talk about playing the game in ‘the right spirit’. Surely he was joking?

I appreciate that the BCCI is a very powerful body, but the day they stop holding international cricket to ransom to get their own way, the game will be played in the ‘right spirit’.

Right now, it’s the rich dictating terms.

astralwicks - January 8, 2009

Sportsman Spirit is a two way street.

Surely you saw Ponting take Saurav Gangulay’s catch. Or Hayden, Slater and other bullies constantly abusing not just Dravid and other but that infamous Sarwan incident. I love the cricket that Australia plays, but not the perverted justification of sledging as part and parcel of the game. Probably I and the entire world would have if they had the balls to take the same abuse that they so conveniently trash to others. But like bad sportsmen, in fact, like petulant kids, who whine when being beaten fair and square, the Aussies, cannot take aggression from other teams.

In your Opinion what Aussies do is Strategy and fair but what the others do is patently and pervasively unfair. The rules are changing. Lets play. Anil Kumble should have walked out after the Sydney test where the team, umpires cheated. Lets accept facts, then talk about fairness, right and wrong.

3. Yes, a biased Aussie, but at least I admit it. - January 8, 2009

And the Indians don’t sledge? I’m sorry – what did Harbhajan call Symonds? Whether you believe what the Aussies heard or what the Indians said in evidence, it’s still sledging.

If the Indians had won the Sydney test, you wouldn’t be complaining about ‘cheating’. It’s only cheating when YOUR team doesn’t get its way, yeah?

4. Not an Aussie, just an observer - January 8, 2009

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and you’re quite obviously voicing yours. Let me give you mine, then: You’re talking bollocks. Cheats and thieves? What planet are you on? Clearly the drugs aren’t working very well for you right now. Maybe you should go have a lie down. When you wake up again, you may very well find yourself back in the real world, a place that is obviously alien to you right now. There, there. Hush now.

5. astralwicks - January 8, 2009

@not an aussie, just an observer… the affront in your voice belies your claim that you are not an Aussie. Your abuse laden comment somehow qualifies you to be an Aussie. Otherwise why are you so hurt? You just stand for cricketers who abuse and then cannot take it when it comes their way. Funny 🙂

Maybe you should take medication so that you can speak and comment civilly. Will do the world, including cricket a world of good.

@Biased Aussie – most teams sledge. Aussies do it more. Plus their arrogance and lack of grace doesn’t allow them to lose in a spirit that is becoming to the game.

All of us have played enough cricket I assume to know what happens on the field. What do you expect Harbhajjan to do – take it lying down?
He riles you because he gives you Tit for Tat my friend. Why are there no problems with Dravid or Tendulkar because they go on in the great tradition of playing along so that they can focus and not lose wickets – which is the express purpose of all sledging. Harbhajan gives it back and suffers. He slapped his own team mate Srisanth in the IPL.

The Indians didn’t lie taking a grounded catch. Winning is a great habit, but grace under pressure is a welcome addition to anybody’s character. Lets not sit on our high horses and apportion blame to people and teams when they are at fault and not condone their actions just because they represent my country.

6. Yes, a biased Aussie, but at least I admit it. - January 8, 2009

Arrogance and lack of grace… You sure you’re not describing yourself there?

Tit for tat – right. What makes you think the Aussies started it? Your own bias perhaps?

I’m sure your ‘noble’ Indian team would never ever cheat – they’d never stay at the crease when they’re obviously out and the umpire’s decision is obviously wrong, would they? Come off it, mate. It’s the way the game is played now. Deal with it or stop watching.

7. Yes, a biased Aussie, but at least I admit it. - January 8, 2009

Also, Aussies don’t tend to use the phrase ‘talking bollocks’. That’s an English (the country, not just the language) mode of speech.

Just sayin’.

8. astralwicks - January 8, 2009

You have described yourself right – BIASED. Enjoy yourself.

You are not getting the point, just like the team you adore. Be sporting when others heckle you. Don’t whine like losers.

I am sure you are evolutionist. In some years they will start beating each other up (like Harbhajan did) but instead of punishing you will promote it…just the way the game is played – HARD.

Way to go mate.

9. Yes, a biased Aussie, but at least I admit it. - January 8, 2009

As I said, I admit to my bias, and yes, I’m enjoying myself thoroughly, so thanks! If you don’t want others to state their opinions on your page, maybe you shouldn’t throw around words like ‘fascist’. It tends to get one’s attention.

I’m not getting the point and neither are you. Seems we’re both avid supporters, stuck in our opinions. I’m more than willing to admit that my beloved Aussie boys aren’t always in the right – you’ll notice I didn’t attempt to defend the Aussies’ dodgy almost-possibly-not-a-catch. They play the game hard and that’s what I like about them. They take no prisoners and they don’t whinge (except about the Perth pitch conditions).

Your Indian boys are apparently all saints, with the noted exception of Mr. Singh. How lovely that must be for you.

Thanks, it’s been fun. 🙂

10. astralwicks - January 9, 2009

I could have censored any of the opinions so far. Did I? Coming back to the argument. Even the most die hard Aussie fan will admit that there is a shakedown. It happens in an era of transition. Most of the Aussie greats we grew up on have retired or are on the verge of retiring.

Aussies play their game a certain way and they take pride in it. Other teams are giving it back to them – verbally & psychologically – ad defeating them in the process. It must be hard for anybody.

Most Indians don’t like the way Bhajji conducts himself. They like his on-field aggression though which Indians are not famous for and which was inculcated by Ganguly and taken forward by Dhoni. Is the Indian team guilty of dishonest play? I am sure there are and will be instances, just like the other teams.

That doesn’t absolve anybody’s guilt. Times have changed into ‘you scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours’.

Previously it was only the white dominated ICC with all the money and muscle. Now we all know. Must rankle. But the game must go on.


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