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History of Violence January 14, 2008

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Yesterday I paid 250 rupees to watch Cronenberg’s ‘Eastern Promises’. I had waited eagerly for the film. I knew beforehand that it was not his best film. A couple of my friends had already seen it on DVD, I had read online reviews and had a fair idea of what to expect. I had also heard of the apparently seminal ‘sauna fight’ sequence, a hand to hand fight, some critics are calling one of the best action sequences ever.

So the film began with a mobster’s throat being slit. Bloody Violence. It was a violent film and Cronenberg is no timid director. That was the end of liberalism. What followed was a wave of happy sniping by the censor authorities.

The ‘sauna fight’ doesn’t exist. Not a single blow is exchanged. VM lands directly in the hospital covered in cuts and bruises. I was bristling at this injustice. I have paid the full entry fee…250 bucks. Doesn’t it have any value. Post this umbrage I was still angry.

What country do we live in, I wondered? Is India a country in which we can freely express our views? Can we write, speak, paint and not be censored. What a question? Thre is censorship everywhere, live with it, I reasoned. Can somebody explain to me the wisdom of giving the film an ‘A’ certificate, play it post 11 p.m and then censor it to such an extent that the key scenes don’t exist? Is there anything called emotional, contextual, narrative journey, continuity?

Are we supposed to understand art, high or low, doesn’t matter a whit, after it has being mauled by nincompoops sitting in Air conditioned offices, who measure morality by their own immorality? It is so stupid and irritating. I am still bristling although it doesn’t make any difference.



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