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Bilkis Bano Zindabad January 22, 2008

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How do they sleep?

Bilkis Bano has got justice, the headlines proclaimed. Her rapists have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Some, mostly cops, have been acquitted.

What justice?

 Her baby was killed and every trace of hers was eliminated.

 She lost how many…5, 8, 10, 12 no…14 relatives, including her 3 year old son, 2 sisters.


The cops who should have protected her then, stood silent, helped and participated in her rape and the slaughter of her relatives.

They are out now, set free by the courts, because of lack of evidence. They are back in the saddle. There powers have been restored. And they have not repented.


They participated in a pogrom without any provocation some years back. Now they have reasons. Where does Bilkis go? Back to her village? Will she be safe?


Yaqub, her husband, was with her through-out. And so were other activists who stood by her in the darkest of times.


In the meantime Gujarat marches ahead. Gujarat has twin figure growth rate. Gujaratis make money all over the world. Gujaratis own a lot. Gandhi was from Gujarat. Development will wash away all sins. Show them growth, flyovers, malls, television and no questions will be asked.

Well, dead people cannot ask any questions. Can they?





1. dogstail - January 22, 2008

justice is a subjective term.

it works for those who run the courts and not who actually go to the courts seeking it.

2. v - January 22, 2008

Gandhi was from Gujarat.

so is Narendra Modi…

3. chaubey - January 23, 2008

vichitra kintu satya.. all repressive autocracies, right wing govts see an impressive growth rate in the first decade of their rule.. saddam’s iraq, shah’s iran for eg. modi, aided by the economic scenario in the country has ‘done it’ for gujarat as well. he might, or will win a few more elections, rise to the highest position in party politics and have millions of more modi masks circulated around the country BUT he will be remembered only for feb 02. Nothing else. Time will have its revenge.

4. astralwicks - January 23, 2008

not to forget the master of all the big H of Germany. ya its an interesting point…post-war reconstruction, war economy and in this case as you have pointed out in gujarat too…time will have its revenge.

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