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Gravity Pulling Me; Daysleeper January 23, 2008

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Sometimes 24 hours is not enough. Sleep pulls us down and along the way we remember all the things that were not done, half-done or still to be done. The phone call, the letter, the mail, the smile, the document, the sign, the freshly baked bread, kiss, hug, abuse.

And then we forget. Only to wake up the next day without any memory. The day already weighing down on us; calling and pulling us in different directions; begging for our attention. And we give it all; loving the day, but hating the sun or snow, hoping that these 24 hours will be lived to the full, to the brim, praying that it will overflow into the night and tomorrow.

But we don’t because we can’t. Because it’s nature; simple. The spirit, body, all fails at the last mile and we sleep.

But some are not lucky. They can’t sleep. No matter what they try, they cannot. Even if it comes, it is fitful. The sleep more awake and irritating, never complete. And then the small bottle, next to the bed, comes in handy.

Deep sleep it promises. Peaceful slumber. The old comforting arms of a friend and lover. The body’s kindered. We love to sink in it and when we wake up we are reborn.

Dear Heath what did you want?




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