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I Solemnly Pledge… January 28, 2008

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After a particularly impressive victory at the hustings, the winner was all humble. He thanked God, his loved ones, relatives and his favourite cook. It was all because of the above mentioned people that he could become what he did become, at least some of it for sure.

Anyways, the winner took oath. He took oaths rather and pledged his allegiance to a whole lot of abstract ideas, thoughts…peace, love, god, honesty, integrity etc.

The large section of the audience had by then forgotten about peace, love, honesty, integrity and such abstractions. They were left scratching their heads when they heard the words. Sounded familiar, some nerve thought fleetingly and then moved on. God, they still remembered. God came in handy and the majority couldn’t benefit from forgetting god. So they remembered him.

He, the god that is, was still a He. God as she was still unthinkable. They did research as to why they could never unite behind a female god. Gods are gods they had been taught, but apparently some gods are more equal than other gods. So, female gods didn’t inspire the population.

And life went on. What could life do? It was not as if everybody supported this man who won. But most did. Most were happy to have him around. Their reason – we need a strong leader. A leader who can lead and do things for the common man. The common man / woman wanted…they didn’t know what they wanted. They are still trying to figure out what they want. In fact, they are happy with whatever is provided to them. They are happy with chitrahar, Balaji, India losing, Doordarshan news, tornadoes, riots.

Yes, they are happy with death also. Strange, but true. Give them large scale rioting and after the initial hesitation, their instincts are stung into action and they even start participating. They suddenly realize that life on the edge is quite interesting. It makes them happy to see others getting knifed, killed basically. For so long they were unable to figure out what they wanted. Suddenly, it seems, as if the dream of a lifetime is coming true.

Catharsis. They pay obeisance to the man who made it all possible. Who made them take revenge. They pay their respects to the man who even 5 or more years after those days and nights, still protects them. Why not? He made us kill, he made us believer’s again. What would happen if he goes? Probably land in jail. So, election after election, this man emerges victorious. After all he has to thank his people. After all they have to thank the leader.

After all they have to thank each other.





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