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The Space Between Us January 29, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in Blogging, Etiquette, india, Office, Writing.
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There is talk all around me. Loud talk most of the time. It’s an open office. Supposed to send energies back and forth, a syncretic approach so that the disparate creatives floating around the work place, mingles, fuses and a new birth takes place…all purportedly for the benefit of the organization. I like the idea. It is very democratic. Makes the lowliest of worker feel, not important, but not bad. That the boss in Mercedes also sits in the same undivided space and not behind glass or Venetian blinds. Democratic, as mentioned earlier. It’s not democratic, there are some 10 cabins where mother and father superiors sit and do stuff.

 I have complained a couple of times against this to my colleagues and superiors. They laughed at me. You think you are superior, they asked me? They themselves are behind the Venetian blinds I talked about. I said no, but words, laughter, exclamations floating from all around doesn’t particularly help in focusing or channeling energies. Ad agencies are like that. Bombay O&M is like that I was informed. Have you ever worked in O&M, I was asked? I have not. I didn’t feel bad and wondered whether I should suffer from a superiority complex?

 People are even now talking all around me. Various ideas are swimming and some of them sensational. Some of them are not. Some of them are outright pathetic, but the atmosphere is given. Can’t change that. Even if you don’t have focus, live with it. Is solitariness important to think creatively? Some people wouldn’t agree. Some can work best with a lounge playing at the back. Some can read with the tv on mute. Great copy can arise from hearing a cross-current of idle chatter or gossip if one’s ears are pricked enough.

 But that can’t be the RULE in an organization that specializes in content. People have rubbished my desire to bargain for some solitary confinement. Be a part of the group, of the mass, television is mass, can’t cut your roots etc etc.

Well, the roots are tearing me apart.



1. v - January 30, 2008

my dear friend…
could not have agreed more…

there are some solutions to your problem

a) kill all those noisy things around…
b) occupy places of those mothers and fathers…
c) learn meditation; detach yourself from the mass…
d) get yourself ear plugs…

2. gudus - January 31, 2008

them fuckers play music loud, different fuckers play different music, one louder than the other, fuckers, why do we have headphones you nincompoops! use them. i dont want to hear, your voice, your music.

3. astralwicks - February 1, 2008

syncretic synergies will flow, mingle and inspire…whole lot of bull

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