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I Proud of Nothing February 4, 2008

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I can stay in Mumbai. I have escaped the Diktat by a whisper…I am from Jharkhand, the East of India. But you never know, they might just wake up one day and have the same hatred towards East Indians and one fine day to the newborn in the womb. Who knows, the way things are going anything is an eventuality.

 The MNS says North Indian’s go back.

Their forefathers had said South Indians go back.

Their predecessors will say Indian’s go back.

 Why are we surprised when we persecute people on the basis of caste, color, education, money, religion, belief, sex, age, strength?

 Behave as Hindus

Behave as Mahasrashtrians.

How does a Maharashtrian behave?

 Do they walk on their heads?

Do they speak Esperanto?

Do they drink the air and eat the soil to provide nutrition to their spirit, body and soul?

 What do they do that is so different from me and you who are Indians? What is the smell, texture, weight of their souls and other tangible and etceteras that make the Marathimanoos something that we should all aspire to or strive to become, because we are told to? Otherwise we shall be beaten, threatened of extermination and one day…poof.

 Fine country we live in. Fine leaders we have. Fine followers that follow this fascist called…I don’t even want to take his name. And if this is what Maharashtra is supposed to mean and represent, then I will choose to die rather than become a Maharashtrian.





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