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K with Ray February 8, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in Cinema, Culture, Entertainment, film, india, Kishore Kumar, Satyajit Ray.
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Unfortunately I don’t know who took this photo but let’s call him/her ‘anonymous’. So…




1. Sumedh - February 8, 2008

a very emotionally-telling portrait. But you shouldn’t ideally be posting other’s photographs, you know. I mean don’t take me wrong – am not attacking you or anything – but for your own benefit, you might get into legal troubles concerning copyrights.

2. astralwicks - February 8, 2008

i know man but just couldn’t resist posting it…but hopefully my disclaimer at the beginning will help. or have people being taken to task in-spite of claiming that they are not the authors? me is quite scared post your comment, honestly, but couldn’t resist.

3. copyleft - February 8, 2008

I took the photo, and its ok for anyone to use.

4. gudus - February 8, 2008

dude, its a rare photo. its a great photo. you’ve posted it with no intention of a) claiming it to be a work of yours b) using it for profit.
So really, whatever hard boiled gatekeepers of the copyright world say, It’s cool. Thanks for the post.

5. astralwicks - February 8, 2008

ok i am safe and so is my miniscule bank account

6. Swapan das - June 12, 2008

Think the photo was taken in November 1963, when the Mastero flew all the way to Mumbai for the recording for ‘Charulata’. There is another set of photos of the same posture taken in 1984 for the recording of ‘Ghare Bairey’. In any case this a rare photo no doubt about it.

7. astralwicks - June 12, 2008

hi swapan thanks for the info. ya 2 greats together. wonder how they spent time together. k is a maverick and ray seems the exact opposite…all control and focus and strict. hurrah to both.

8. Amit - November 2, 2008

this is in all probability taken during the recording of ‘Aami Chini go Chini tomarey’ a Tagore song for Charulata. If you haven’t heard the song, and are a Kishore fan, you should try and hear it.

9. astralwicks - November 3, 2008

hi Amit thanks for the info. Does the song feature in the film? I have seen Charulata, more than once. And who isn’t a Kishore fan? Or of Ray?

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