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Letter To Britney February 8, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in Blogging, britney spears, Culture, Entertainment, india, Media, music, Paparazzi, Personal, Random, Thoughts, Writing.
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Hi Britney, you don’t know me.

How can you?

I never liked you or your songs.

I was never your fan and will never become one.

You sold millions, but didn’t touch me in any way.

For me you were a product.

Manufactured and manicured.

Everything from vocals to dress to every step you took.

I was convinced that you were fake.

That’s my personal opinion.

You came out with a best of. I didn’t care.

You were sexy. I didn’t care.

And then you went away. I didn’t care.

Then you planned your return. I didn’t care.

I didn’t listen to your kind of music. How could I care?

You started doing bizarre things.

I thought it was stage-managed.

PR driven to build hype.

To make you omni-present on air-waves so that that A& R will be happy.

You became more bizarre and yet I was indifferent.

Still I blamed on PR. That you were in your senses but band record sales must be prodding you.

All along there were people who cared for you. Constantly. 24 x 7 there were people watching you.

Taking your snaps, writing your obituaries. How old are you for an obituary. Do you even know about Heath?

But now I care. Not for your music. I never will. But relax, chill, find a dog or a cat.

You have become an industry, millions being made on your misery. You are a reality show that is beyond anybody’s control, except yours.

There is still time.



1. LumpyLumps - February 8, 2008

Can I get an AMEN.

2. V - February 8, 2008

why do you care even now…

just b’coz she is riding high on a suicide mission…

how does it matter?

if she is plastic… it should not… some other plastic will replace her in no time…

3. adam - February 8, 2008

but she is also a human being. That is why people still care. I agree with astralwicks. I could care less for her music. She is a manufactured success. But on the personal side, she is absolutely messed up, and that is something that people care about, or at least should. EVEN IF they bring it on themselves.

4. astralwicks - February 11, 2008

AMEN@ lumpy lumps and adam thanks for the response. she has to tackle her head before its too late.

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