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Let the Fun Begin February 26, 2008

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It’s possible.

That there will be blood. Literally, that is. In the best of 3 finals between India and Australia from the 2nd of March. There are anyways 9 possible weapons on the field. 6 stumps, 2 bats and the red cherry. One can also use the 4 bails creatively. If one of the players had a Oriental origin, say Japan or China etc, they would have sufficed. But our cricketing gentlemen are talented and macho and can make do with the given resources.

It is not impossible. One more provocation and on a bad day anything can happen. And why not? That’s the way of life and sport. Take it or leave it. It happens in rugby, football, boxing so why not in cricket?

Lets come to some blows. The batsmen have an unfair advantage, what will all the padding and helmets and guards, but such is life. Some people will always have an advantage. But you can poke the hell out with a stump. Stumps can hurt. I speak from personal experience. I was hit once and lost a tooth. And the batsmen are hampered in a different way. By their pads. Nowadays they are all light but still a teeny-weeny advantage, nevertheless is an advantage.

So make hay while the sun shines. Very few will get an opportunity…to be the pioneers, leave their footprints on the clichéd sands of time. But forget not, you warriors of the bat and ball that you are special. Hope, dreams and pride of cricket is at stake and you will be looked with wide-eyed admiration by the followers. Go for it.

Break the other’s jaw, hand, legs; turn the green pitch red; your nation beckons you.

We play it hard. This is the only way it is played. All sport is like this. Chess, badminton and table tennis too. You only don’t see it. So wear your opponents down with abuse and hate.

It works better if the other side retaliates. Now we have equals. Works better, if you ask me, if there are no umpires also.

Ah blood on the dance floor. Let’s sing the anthems.






1. myexpression - February 27, 2008

Let’s sing the anthems…

2. cricket magazine - February 27, 2008

Are we going to war here? Bring out the bazookas guys.

3. astralwicks - February 28, 2008

umm seems like that isn’t it?

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