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10 Favourite Films of the Australian Cricket Team February 28, 2008

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  1. Full Metal Jacket (obviously the training modules are the same)
  2. Mad Max (take a guess)
  3. Battle Royale (again, take a guess)
  4. Rambo (good hearted cricketers, surrounded by abusive Indians)
  5. First Blood (even their own country doesn’t understand them)
  6. John Rambo (body count, simple)
  7. Matrix (all 11 think that they are the ‘One’ + Hugo weaving is an Australian)
  8. Apocalypto (they seem to like all things Australian)
  9. Godfather Trilogy (allegiance at all costs)
  10. Love Story (at heart they are all soft you know)




1. chaubey - February 29, 2008

how about ‘dirty rotten scoundrels’?

2. astralwicks - February 29, 2008

yea that too but the old foggies were too cute unlike these frankenstein’s. the name is apt though.

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