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Reliance You Owe Money March 3, 2008

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Relaince. PAY – UP. It’s been more than a month since they have failed to establish a Braoadband connection. The reasons are bizarre – their hi-tech instruments DO NOT WORK if there is any GREENERY or PALM TREES in front of the house. Their technology also is AVERSE to the presence of all BUILDINGS at least 200 feet from the premises. Talk of eco-friendly tehnology!!!

Well, the connection was not established. The agents who were undertakers (yes!) on behalf of Reliance – Vrushabh networks, promised a refund within 15 days (that’s already a month old). Repeated mails have gone unanswered. One member from Vrushabh (to give the devil his due) did send an email saying that the customer is waiting for a refund. That’s the end of the story. If the honest and conscientious Bosse/Managers at Reliance care to call, I have all the details, address, cheque Number etc for speedy redressal. Will they??

This is the era of out-sourcing. The head doesn’t know its arms; the arms its fingers; the fingers the knees; the knees the toes. The engineers don’t know the specifics of the house the agent had visited and seen the specifics. Why is nothing documented? It is whose word against whose? Where do 1 solitary individual go against an MNC that has enough money to run some poor countries. COMPLAIN. Where?

Consumer redressal is extant people say. Well, if Reliance and their agents think that a battle will not be fought, then they are mistaken.

Well, not so gentleman executives, this is how your company is earning its millions? By sitting on the hard – earned money of people who try to subscribe to your services and in the even of a failure on your part, you forget about the payments that you OWE to them.

Some good cheer now.

India won yesterday. As usual I missed most of the match. And following the age – old rules of superstition, the team won. The next time I decide to watch a cricket match and the team performs below par, I will condemn myself and indulge in various tricks, to convince myself that it’s my presence that is harming Team India’s prospects and the all-important victory depends on my continuing abstinence from front of the tv set.

A couple of friends who are working on bridging cultural gaps between India and Germany arrived are staying with us. The precision oriented Germans and the laidback Indians; couldn’t have been a greater contrast. Every day they hear stories of Germans in India, on work, who have many a horror story tell – about unpunctual Indians, casual attitudes to work, the growing arrogance of a developing country etc etc.

Our friends are in love with the country. They understand the nation and some of the reasons as to why India works the way it works. The reasons it evokes love, respect and frustration in equal measure. Therefore, probably, the desire to bridge the gap.

Our German friends were happy that Indians too suffer at the hands of Indians. The more powerful, the monied will always take the less powerful on a ride. Welcome to globalisation where it is not just the free movement of good and labour, but also of misery and tyranny.



1. myexpression - March 3, 2008

i wonder how good it is to put your add’ on the net.
good post. wonder if any one will listen to you. lets see.

2. dogstail - March 3, 2008

File a case in consumer courts. it costs only Rs.500.00 and you can be your own lawyer.

I didnt do it the last time I was being made a fool of, as that situation solved itself after some usage of very colourful language. Try that. it may work. They may not even fight it one notice is enough. Anything in legalese is good enough to scare the shit out of any self respecting MNC.

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4. Dominic Simon - March 15, 2008

i had a terrible experience with reliance when i took a net connect connection. Now I try to avoid any office written reliance on its board. even reliance Pumps for petrol or diesel.
I have sumitted all the documents and numerous emails i send to reliance to my lawyer.

5. astralwicks - March 19, 2008

hey dominic me too is suffering. have sent numerous reminders but to no avail. time to call the lawyer i guess. get them.

6. avyaya - March 27, 2008


Totally agree over your pains by facing the tech savvy people from reliance WiMax.

Hope you get a refund soon.

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8. harshal shah - April 9, 2008

mr vijay reliance refunds money in 45 working days not in 15 days and any one require reliance connection contact 9321538139

9. astralwicks - April 9, 2008

hello harshal thanks for the sense of humor. if what you say is true…refund in 45 days then mr. mody of vrushabh networks was lying. then the innumerable men i spoke to at reliance helpline numbers are lying. i will definitely call on the number you have given. hope the trauma ends.

10. sudeep - September 1, 2008

Sub : Complaint against abuse of consumer rights

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I am still facing lots of problems, just because I made a mistake in past by trusting reliance broadband and applying for their services.
As a customer of reliance, my feedback is that, there is no transparency at all in billing done by reliance broadband. And Customer care of reliance, you can do nothing, but just bang your head with them.
In spite of continuous request for termination of my connection, nobody contacts from your side. All the notifications I receive from your company are to pay my bill, for the services which I never used. I am continously filing requests for termination of the connection, but nobody turns up, and when I call customer care to know about what has been done for the request. I get to know that, I am willing to continue the connection as per your records.
Over and above all these problems I am facing, you are sending me bills, even after knowing that my services are barred, and I dont want to use reliance broadband ever in my life, which is absolutely unethical dealing.
I request you to stop sending bills and telephoning me for payment of the services I have not even used, and properly terminating the services.
Yours truly,
User ID:- 381593459121
Ph. No. 9999657538

11. astralwicks - September 2, 2008

first of all sudeep, stop calling them Sir. they abuse hospitality. they think courteous people are weak; very weak in fact. i dot my money back after almost 2 and a half months of trauma and it is not an understatement. in any accountable country where systems where in place, where i could easily present the number of calls in made and the people i spoke to at their call centers etc could be easily catalogued – i would have been a rich man by now – by suing them. but do keep on fighting. here are 2 links which might be of interest to you.



12. Madhuri - November 6, 2008

I also totally agree with these guys. I also had applied for the wi max 1.5 months back and then vrushabh network in charge told me that I will get the connection within 7 days after applying. But then all excuses started…..Dish are not available, there is a diwali vacation…we will call you back etc etc. No one called me up a single time. I used to call almost twice- thrice a day on a day they used to promise installation. The in charge speaks up something and other employees in the same office use to say something else. The in-charge had promised me to give a connetion on a particular date after calling him so many times. He said we will “definitely” install on a particular day. So I even told in my office that i will be working from home for sometime and came to my hometown where they were suppose to install thinking that I will be able to work online once they install it. But then the in-charge goes on vacation without letting you know that installation can not be done and I was not able to do my office work. I guess these people do not understand the meaning of the word “definitely”. After following uo again for 15 days, the incharge had promised that he will send the person now as now Dishes are available. The whole day i kept on calling him and fianally end of the day he tells that , there is no frequnce in my area and installation can not be done :(( . Now when i asked for refund he tell that i will get it in 15 days and when called in office they tell that it requires 45 days. Thats great. Looks like these people have done special course of faking every time.
So people who are thinking about going for reliance wi max, please find out if any other service provider is available in your area.

13. astralwicks - November 6, 2008

hi Madhuri…my sympathies with you. Professionalism is what they promised not to deliver when they took the oath of allegiance of the company. Made me go crazy. Hope you get your money soon.

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