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India Wins March 4, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in Cricket, Entertainment, india, Sports, World.
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India wins. Euphoria. Celebrations. Ecstasy. Madness. Patriotism. Revenge. Country. Poetic Justice. Hard work. Luck. Grit. Belief. Youth. Struggle. Adventure. Tables turned. Cricket – a funny game. Monkey. Racism. Honour. Ego. Satisfaction. Media. Pride. Hunt. Hunters. Prey. Victim. Attack. Sledging. Mental. Killer. Instinct. Survival. Tide. Bias. Decisions. Aggression. Over-confidence. Homecoming. Young Turks. Spirit. Daring. Chance. Risk. Possible. Impossible. Blood. Arrogance.



1. gudus - March 5, 2008

At work, with the net down and my phone radio not working, I relied on my wife for score updates. I didn’t scream nor shout nor jump around like a monkey when we won, it was sweet but. Middle of a meeting, an sms ‘WE WON!’ I smiled, satisfied, happy, tired. It’s been a long season…we played hard.

2. myexpression - March 5, 2008

i wonder if it has something to do with match fixing…
just can’t trust the indian team. some how. i know should but…

3. astralwicks - March 5, 2008

@my expression even my cricket viewing perished after the scandal in the 90’s but your disgust towards the game belies a phobia in my opinion. it will help if sometimes you see the honesty, grit and sportsmanship behind the game or for that matter any game. do you follow the game? then it would help you to form opinions rather than passing judgements on the basis of your assumptions or biases.

4. gudus - March 5, 2008

I hope you joking myexpression? Thats such an absolutely ridiculous thing to say its almost funny, but its not.

5. hootie - March 5, 2008

shaant gadaadhaaris shaant!ishaant! sreeshanth!srikant!

lets spread the cheer.

6. astralwicks - March 5, 2008

yeah it rankled

7. myexpression - March 5, 2008

@astral & gudus

it seems that you guys are cricket fanatics; no harm in being that. my statement was not a joke. i really suspect the indian team. the only time i do not suspect them is when they are playing pakistan. i do not follow the game but i’ve not been successful in escaping it completely; can any one escape cricket in india?

8. astralwicks - March 6, 2008

we are fans of a good ‘match’ yes cricket takes precedence in india. but i can root for a good hockey, volleyball, basketball match also. you suspect the indian team. once upon a time the entire nation did and probably in the future the ugly head of match fixing will rear its head once again. but as freud said ‘sometimes a pen is just a pen’

9. myexpression - March 6, 2008

yup… sometimes a pen is just a pen

10. Pepper - March 11, 2008

what a fool bhajji made of himself with “maaki”. Why dont Indian women object to it…afterall Bhajji called Symonds a “motherfucker”. Apparently Brad Hodge called some Indian DFk a “bastard” and these stupid Indian cricketers go all out to get him. Bastard is offensive but motherfucker isnt!!!Oh yeah as long as an Indian dumbfuck mouths profanities it all seems alright.Indian women are so stupid.

11. astralwicks - March 12, 2008

after a point any word can become offensive. it is not the word itself but the ‘tone’ that is of more importance. even women abuse so…fuck can be said in a hundred creative ways. and the debate is not whether bhajji abused or not. of course he did. the point is does the aussie team look for skirts when retaliated against? as has been proved, they do.

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