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Death of Goa March 10, 2008

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Paradise Lost. The dirge has been sung. The obituaries have been written. Scarlette’s death has cast a shadow on the happy sands of Goa. The hunting grounds of the hippies in the 60’s and 70’s and the rave capital of India in the 90’s is under assault. The calm of the Arabian Sea is blood splattered.

The doctors and cops have bungled. Cops in cahoots with the guilty tried to wash away the sin and failed because of the distraught mother’s determination to get to the bottom of the crime.

Now the 2nd autopsy confirms that the 16 year old girl was assaulted and killed. Why can’t law enforcement officers follow the rule of the book? Is it because the victim was a foreigner? Would they have been as callous if she was an Indian? Unfortunately yes. In the battle between Us and Them, we will support us. In the battle between Us then we will support the locals. If the fight is limited to only the locals, then we will support the more powerful.

There is a ladder of bias that exists. Some would say it is invisible, but exists it does. All worldly dealings are maneuvered via this ladder of bias. There are various fields based on Nationality, Region, Caste, Status, Connections, Tribe, Language, Sex, Religion, Belief, Education etc.

My son’s crime is pardonable if it happens to someone else’s daughter. My son’s crime is pardonable even when it is against my own daughter because daughter’s are unwanted. Daughter’s can bear the attack. There is a list of justifications that miraculously take birth every second of our existence. Some say it is evolutionary. Expecting more from the human mind is almost a sin. Of course we survive because of our group affiliations and allegiance. That is how mankind has grown, learned and adapted. So Goans will favour Goans even if they rape minors and kill them. Maharashtrians will similarly support the locals who attack women dressed in western casual wear.

How can the locals be wrong? Local sin is no sin at all. Then we complain about justice? Then we complain about the death of God. Or the silence of the Gods.





1. myexpression - March 11, 2008

you are absolutely right. .. its not a matter of justice… they will justify that the girl was wearing something very provocative or was drunk or was on drugs and such women should be raped…

2. dogstail - March 11, 2008

My expression….As agressive as ever.

3. astralwicks - March 12, 2008

not wrong i must say. even the cm is apologizing for the cops blaming the mother who trusted locals with whom she stayed for 5 odd months. he i am assuming, assumes, that fiona should have had esp to predict a crime. all that people are asking is that the cops do an honest investigation, which they are not. wake up Kamat.

4. Global Voices Online » India: Losing Goa and the Scarlett Keeling homicide case - March 13, 2008

[…] from Munity.in and Freedbird have more, here and here. Share […]

5. myexpression - March 13, 2008

yes! no one seems to be interested in solving the crime they are trying to justify it by saying “oh the mother was so careless and lead, not such conventional life herself, so what more can you expect to happen to the daughter of such a careless, reckless mother”.
the mother should be taught a lesson and who else will teach the lesson other than the police and politicians of Goa.
last night i saw a bit news on on TV, where the journalist was only trying to tell the mother that how could she leave her daughter behind and she was trying to explain that there is nothing wrong in treating your young ones as individuals. she was so generous in saying that she left her daughter with this nice man julio and his two aunts; who were nice women and she still believes that they are nice women, irrespective of what has happened to her daughter. and here we are we are not even sympathizing with her; saying that we are sorry, i wonder how much it takes to condole to someone’s loss. the mother has lost her child, she will never get her child back but we can at least make it less painful for her. let the real justice happen. at least make sure that she does not have to run around for justice to happen. aren’t we ashamed as a nation for what has happened. basically we are rotten as a country. we have no regard for human values or ethics.
all those people who are delaying the process of justice should just get raped once in their lives to understand that its not fun…

6. Raja - March 13, 2008

Its the people who are more responsible for growth of such type of crimes.They are mostly concerned about theie own creed caste religion.The missing human face in Indian society is the majoe cause for worrying.Humanity is restricted by the people for their people only.She could have been saved if humans could have intervend.This similar but not as dreadly as Kharlangi massacre in Maharshtra where rape done by community people in front of all.

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