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No Victim No Crime March 13, 2008

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 We shall close the beaches because they prompt us to wear swimsuits and swimsuits are provocative. They arouse our manly nature and then what can we do?

 We have to rape. Rape because the other is wearing a revealing costume. The other is drunk. The other is flirting. The other gave a come on signal and then backed out. The other was teasing. The other was winking. The other was showing a bit of leg. A bit of breast. A bit of shoulder. The other was arrogant. The other is a foreigner. The other is white. The other is black. The other is rich. The other is poor. The other speaks a different language. The other is a woman. The other is a boy. The other is a girl. The other is weak. The other deserved it. The other is an other. The other is not from my country. The other is not from my state. The other is not from my family. The other is not my brother. The other is not my sister. The other is a nobody.

 They will slap a case on Fiona also. How can you give your child independence? Didn’t you know that Goa has an underground drug culture. Don’t you also know that we are all in cahoots with the mafia. They can rape and kill people because they pay ‘protection money’ that helps us finance our election expenses. They pay us every day, every week, every month, every week. You will pay us indirectly, probably once in a lifetime. You are useless to us, but these criminals are always so…

 Why can’t they treat it as pure and simple crime? Catch the criminal(s) and then we can play the moral game. What does Mr. Digamabar Kamat think? That Fiona is not drowning in guilt – having left Scarlette in the custody of people she believed were friends and would look after her?

 What is Mr. Kamat saying – DON’T TRUST GOANS? We are not the feni-drinking-chilled-out-tolerant-Indians that you think we are. The victim is, by the concerted effort of police, politicians, administration and other officials, being turned into a monster mother who cared not for the daughter. THEREFORE she deserved whatever happened.

 Mr. Kamat – do you have a daughter or a son. A son or daughter, who likes a beer one hot day and is crossing the road and another drunk, riding a car, runs him over. He or she might meet destiny one day and people will hang you.

 Scarlette, people and police are saying, took drugs. That DOES NOT justify the act of her rape and murder? We are all humans, prone to mistakes and sins. Fiona will introspect and undertake penance.

 It is none of our business. It is between Fiona and her soul. As a civil society, we should catch the perpetrator(s) of this crime. They too shall, hopefully, undertake penance, suffer, and see the love, grace and benediction that saves us all. Let us not be partial. Let us not be blind to the crime that has been committed. We all know the story of the cross.

 No Victim. No Crime.




1. Winslie Gomez - March 13, 2008

This issue has deeper implications.

I am writing from the Uk and if you have no objection here is my link

2. astralwicks - March 14, 2008

It has no doubt. family, drugs, police responsibility, tourist trade etc etc. Scarlette’s mother is facing flak and some would say rightly so. Her hippy dream gone sour. But the moot issue here is not the way Fiona raised her kids. It is this in my view ‘did the cops cover up the murder’? Which they did. Everybody knows about the drugs in Goa. Should the Indian government and Goa state frame special laws for this tiny paradise or whatever remains of it? Crackdown on the mafia? Will the tourists pour in them if the parties stop? Will the state suffer? It is complicated.

3. myexpression - March 14, 2008

1. some years back in jaipur an indian girl was raped at the boys hostel in the university campus and everyone screamed that she was mad to have gone into the boys hostel obviously what else will happen to her but they lost one point that she was not going in a jungle infested of tigers that she will get eaten up. she went into boys hostel, place where she knew many; boys who studied with her. later the girl was painted to be of lose morals as she used to drink and had a relationship. the case went on for a long long time and later it was given to women’s commission. i clearly do not remember what happened but i guess the accused were set free.

2. yesterday in mumbai mirror there was a debate going on on scarlette’s rape and death and one woman said that the case is just blown out of proportions, as if 15 year olds do not get raped in UK. i’m sure it happens any where but that has nothing to do with Fiona wanting justice. i woner what that woman will do if her daughter gets raped in UK? will she pasify herself by saying Oh it happens in india also so i should just forget about it. perhaps not.

3. all the reasons like alcohol, drugs and bad parenting that is being given by the indian side should look at themselves and perhaps the society needs to look at itself. a friend of mine, European got molested in a temple by some priests. later another person whom we all knew for months and years molested her and my friend is not a druggy, she does not wear revealing clothes, she is not arrogant, she is more religious than any average hindu. so why this should this happen to her.

why are we not looking at the rape and death with sensitivity? why its not forcing us to look inwardly? look at our faults? where we are going wrong? as humanity collectively.

4. astralwicks - March 14, 2008

i agree @my expression

5. Winslie Gomez - March 14, 2008

If I may take up point 1 by Myexpression.

Blaming the woman/girl is common practise in many cultures and not necessarily unique to India. Even in our own liberated UK there is still the concept, perhaps unspoken, that “she was asking for it”, with no clear definition of what “it” might be.
However the battle for a woman’s voice (in the sexual realm) to be heard, is a particular struggle that needs to be elevated trough public discourse.
The empowerment of women’s rights are closely linked to their increased ability to be real wage earners.

Just my thoughts.

6. chaubey - March 16, 2008

this is rape and murder.. the guilty have to be caught and punished.. for the sake of our sanity.. all discussion about the victim and her family, her life is totally irrelevant..

7. astralwicks - March 17, 2008

i agree winslie. any excuse so that you case save your own people, your own brother, countryman or woman, no matter how guilty. economic well being = social well being = mental well being = psychological…

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