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Long Live the Sparrow May 7, 2008

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The sparrows are dying. The headline grabbed my attention. Things you took for granted some years back are now on the verge of extinction. The pigeon population has plummeted. The crows too are going down. Similarly the sparrow. Living in Bombay/Mumbai news about the life and death of another species doesn’t touch me. It hardly does when the representative is of my own kind. So the sparrow was left to its own fate.

I reached Jamshedpur on the 24th of April. I woke in the morning and stood on my feet when a whoosh greeted me. My hair whistled and almost scared me out of my sleep I jumped to avoid the intruder. It was a sparrow!

My house is quite a zoo, comprising of people and animals. We have pigeons and sparrows nests inside the house. Some years back, when we had a big guava tree and a curry leaf tree we had many more nests. A particular family of crows hated all of us kids no end, and might I add, with no reason. Many a time have they attacked us when we were playing badminton using our gate as the net. Now those trees have disappeared. The new trees are not strong because the soil inspite of replenishment doesn’t have the same nutrients.

So the birds have shifted indoors. Now these birds have lived with us for long. They know our time-table through and through. They know when we get up, what we eat and our time for bed. The sparrows and pigeons live peacefully. They don’t attack each other or fight over food that is offered generously by my old grandmother and my mother. They nibble some and carry some for their kids.

Sometimes I get the impression that my folks can speak to them. They scold them if they hover too close to the running fan or when they create a racquet for no apparent reason. The crows, pigeons and sparrows similarly seem to get angry if lunch is delayed, which means that their routine too gets shaky. Humans, they seem to sigh!

So I saw sparrows in my living room and in my dining room. Whizzing past me, reminding me of the good old days.



1. myexpression - May 7, 2008

i want to see ur house…
sounds so beautiful…

2. gudus - May 9, 2008

Take me along too, please

3. dogstail - May 11, 2008

We have a lots of birds here. One particular type, I think is called a Oriental Magpie Robin, which is Black with white stripes, nests in our ventilator. Its normal sound is like a very large snake hissing, but during mating season it sings one of the most complicated songs I have ever heard. Always different each time. Loud enough to wake you up at 4 AM, when it starts its rituals.

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