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Terror Terror on the Wall…Who is the Worst of All May 14, 2008

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The pink city of Jaipur was the target of terrorists yesterday. More than 60 people are reported killed and many are still battling for survival. I too went into panic for certain personal reasons. Otherwise I would have been a couch potato, cannibalizing on the thousand ‘breaking news’ scrolls and second to second increases in the death toll. I was scared to know the news yesterday.

Today Jaipur is under curfew as a precautionary measure. There will be enquiries and assessments. In the midst of all the tragedy 1 question came up time and again – why Jaipur? Personally, I think it is the dumbest question I have ever heard. Why Jaipur? Jaipur – doesn’t that provide an answer in itself? It is probably the most important tourist destination in India. Whoever lands in India goes to the city. Well, almost.

All such places are potential targets. What do people think? That the gentle neighbourhood terrorist will give such places a go-by? That they will be busy targeting Bombay (I as a rule will never write it as Mumbai; thank you Thackeray’s) Delhi and other Metros?

Common sense dictates that emerging cities become tomorrow’s targets. Why the surprise? What have we done? We don’t have a history of communal violence, we are peaceful, we are simple…such self-pity is playing into the terrorist’s hands.

We all are under threat. I spoke to my father in the morning today. He ordered me to not board the crowded Bombay local trains, avoid the buses; to take the auto or cab and to stay away from all crowds. I said yes to all, all the time wondering how childish he was being. Loving no doubt, but as the rules were being laid down I realized immediately that no one and nothing is safe. We are susceptible to attacks everywhere – at a bus stop, in an auto, outside a mall, at the temple. We are all possible victims of collateral damage.

Metros, small towns, villages, nothing is safe. I sound like a doomsday theorist, but it is true. They can strike anywhere. Does hate argue with pity? Does it share the bed with sympathy, reason, love, and understanding? No. We are numbers, statistics – the more the merrier, helpless the better.

It’s a wonder we are all living…with so many weapons and so many stupid brains to use them. So salute, this might be the last. Carpe diem, for who knows…



1. chaubey - May 14, 2008

bit late in life but yaar weapons manufacturer is the best job in the world. terrorists use weapons for violence, governments use them for ‘peace’, both use them on us.. And we shell out taxes from our ass so we can be murdered. the weapons manufacturer makes guns and money without prejudice, sans philosophy or ideology.. true enlightened state.

2. astralwicks - May 14, 2008

ha ha…yes man…they have money or weapons to protect themselves…here I come, MI

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