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Sharon Stoned and other Stupidities May 29, 2008

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D.P. Yadav, the father / uncle of Vishal and Vikas Yadav, said one of the strangest sentences ever uttered. He was speaking after his son and nephew got convicted in the six year old Nitish Katara murder case. He said that he is poor illiterate farmer with no connections who has been framed by very powerful politicians in connivance with the bureaucracy!

It is true of some farmers and some illiterates, but not of the all-powerful D.P. It is just an initial victory for the Katara’s but nevertheless a milestone, a reminder that if justice plays truant, an honest determination can bring it home.

Sharon Stone of we-all-know-what fame uttering and stuttering that China’s earthquake is all courtesy – bad Karma. My grandmom also talks like this although she is no Miss. Stone. Some of us do believe in Timberlake’s ‘what goes around comes all the way back around’ etc but how foolish and childish and un-courteous of her to say it during a humanitarian crises.

News Anchors of N-24. I am forgetting their name. The two – 1 male and 1 female were interviewing Mr. Pinaki Mishra, the lawyer of Mr.Rajesh Talwar, accused by the Noida police of murdering his daughter.

Time and again they were asking questions of a sub-judice nature that no lawyer, even completely mad, will ever answer. Were the 2 anchors willfully displaying their ignorance or was it an elaborate ploy to trick the lawyer into admissions which will shame him, his community and harm the doctor’s case? Your guess is as good as mine.

Strange mise en scene of the NDTV newsroom. 2 achors, 1 male and 1 female at the newsdesk. Every half sentence they look at each other and nod their heads as if asking for each other’s approval. Then the grand reveal of another anchor who is to their right and the viewer’s left. He or she in front of a screen introduces the feature of the day. Later he/she will also ask a question – the graphic of which is so dutch / canted that you will have a crick in your neck trying to read the question. By then who wants to answer. After the cover story/feature introduction, we cut back to the main anchors who nod more to each other!



1. myexpression - May 30, 2008

astral check out india TV and headlines Today… they are icing on the cake…

2. astralwicks - May 30, 2008

welcome to the psychos – a new planet where people are obsessed about 3 things – god, sex and entertainment

3. v - May 30, 2008

there is no harm in liking all three… but we cant forget humanity, love and grace…

4. beylee - May 30, 2008

remember ‘homo ki janamkundali!?’

5. astralwicks - May 30, 2008

ya @beylee that was majorly bizarre. they have great copy writers who are good in religion – shiva’s tandav, journey of the ‘sudarshan chakra’, – even if it is true, you won’t believe it because of their crude presentation skills – a lesson in how not to sell religion – probably all of them are atheists in the garb of fanatics – we just don’t know

6. beylee - May 31, 2008

there was another priceless one i saw recently.. in line with the crazy murdering spree our society has gotten into of late.. called ‘darinda damaad!’.. yeah i’m booking this title for a film.. my copyright..

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