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Thats the Way…I Like It June 13, 2008

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I was away for a week. Away from my cat, my computer, blogs, downloads, morning newspaper, 24 x 7 television, home made food, Mumbai and job. I was away – in Munnar.

3 of us took the Netravati Express from Kurla Terminus. It’s an almost 26 hour ride to Ernakulam. From there we took a cab, which is another 4 hours roughly to the Pallivasal estate where we planted ourselves – having an uninterrupted view of the Nilgiris in front of us for miles, as far as the eyes could see. Clouds played truant with us morning, evening and at night. We had a great cook. I don’t eat non-veg food but whenever the cook came with his savories I could smell quality and taste. His veg too is great and I tipped him.

What did I do in Munnar. Nothing. Yes, sometimes that’s what one should do. This was the routine. Get up by 6 or 7. Have your morning cuppa without the noise, paper and humans. Watch the clouds come in from nowhere and disappear reveling vast, green hills dotted with Tea plants and forests. Go for a walk with umbrellas in hand to no place in particular. Come back a bit breathless, sometimes a wee bit wet. Have more tea. Listen to music at low volume, eat lunch, talk a bit, sleep a bit, wake up in time for the gorgeous evenings.

Most evenings were confusing and chilly. It reminded me of my stay in London. Misty, cloudy, hint of rain and an unobtrusive drizzle. The clouds would take birth in the middle earth section of the valley. Yes, we had to name this part because it looked like a cauldron where clouds used to take birth, disperse, creep in, overwhelm the entire valley, make everything invisible and cold.

We used to sit silent in the silence watching this misty dance choreograph itself with the wind and chill and animal sounds as props. Have more coffee. Sometimes we had wine and to break the norm peach Vodka. Everybody liked that.

Food brought us back to our senses. The chill making us hungry. We gorged to satiety and didn’t care about calories or kg’s. We did this for 5 days. Away from all the murders, wars, victories and defeats playing out in the battlefield outside.

I came back to traffic, horns, water-logging, metro construction and other forms of viral competition.

I liked Kerala. They keep it clean. It is not foreign-clean but has the right discipline that is suited to us Indians. There is a certain finished-ness about everything that is not German-precision that many Indians hate and probably cannot emulate. As Radiohead sings ‘Everything in its right place’. I liked the Munnar weather, the food, the touristy places and the clouds. I listened to ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ a lot here. It’s a great track. Also Underworld’s Dark and Long which hinted at the underlying mystery of the place.

I had thought I would not write about Munnar. Because my praise will make more people go there and probably…

Enjoy and preserve.



1. gudus - June 13, 2008

sounds like bliss. peace my friend

2. soumitri - June 13, 2008

heard a lot about munnar…but this description beats them all…this will move up the must-see-list! a few snaps would enhance the vivid description provided….

3. anna - June 13, 2008

just by reading.. 🙂
thank u astral

4. astralwicks - June 13, 2008

we should all go and do nothing and eat and walk and sleep and not talk and chat and share food and drink.

5. V - June 13, 2008

ya its a very nice place… and i’ve few concerns;

a) lot of plastic waste thrown here and there… needs to be cleaned… all tourists pls make sure not to litter…
b) forests are being cut to make more space for residential areas… i’m hoping we dont lose the forests to mindless construction…

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